Best Things to do in Taipei – Overnight City Guide

I have always loved travelling.

I was lucky enough that from a young age, my parents took us all over the place, instilling in us a sense of larger spaces and broadened horizons. As I grew up, I became more independent in my travels and tried to figure out ways to do it more. From learning Spanish in Salamanca to purposefully getting 6 month summer jobs in places I wanted to explore further.

I became accustomed to getting lost and just wondering the streets, figuring out where would be the next good meal or when I would stumble onto some secret only locals whispered about. Getting lost was second nature back then. The only resources we had were over-read guide books that by the time you reached their recommendations, the waiters would push their best sellers down your throats.

So we had to resort to friend recommendations, what blog resources were up on the internet, guide books, conversations with strangers and your hotel concierge. Nowadays in our hyper connected world, everyone is an expert and there are so many sites that claim that this restaurants, trumps this bar, which is passé and now is considered touristy by pretty much everyone. Honestly, for me, good is good, so that’s what I base myself on.

For every family or friend trip we would take, I became the defacto research guide. Skimming through websites in English and in the language of destination, guide books, personal blogs, Instagram hashtags, geotags and anything else social media would allow me to delve into. Finally, being able to create a snap shot of the city, its districts and where to eat, sleep, drink, party or learn about the culture.

This is what Overnight is about.

For all of the information of the video, a map of the city and our Overnight guide.

Go to:

A HUGE Thank you to Angely from Access Travel and Tours for being a key resource person and booking everything for us during this trip. You can contact them through here
[email protected]

Also to Cebu Pacific Air, for the quick and convenient flight services to our multiple destinations.

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34 Replies to “Best Things to do in Taipei – Overnight City Guide”

  1. CrankShaft

    Meh rather spend my time on a beautiful beach rather than walk around a city that reeks of piss eating different food with god knows what dirty utensils and diseases

  2. Be Strong

    tagal nko andto nagstay sa taiwan since 2001 , karamihan sknla mbbait meron din nmn mga hindi pero gnun tlg di nmn lahat ng lugar eh lahat mababait meron din mssma ugli pero kumpara sa hongkong apat na beses nko nagbakasyon s hongkong at walng araw dun na di ako nkaencounter ng mga bastos na chekwa doon. kya sobrang namiss ko ang mga taiwanese nung nsa hk ako kc nrealize ko kung gnu cla kababait kumpara s mga tga hongkong.

  3. Sophie -

    I went to Taiwan in the summer and it was so much fun. The food was amazing, people were so friendly, the night markets were fun and don’t even get me started on the view

  4. Very Smart Sandwich

    Lmao the only good/fun shit to do here Is to eat and hike mountains XD

    Plus you guys really missed out on that railroad place with a lot of cats and the ghibli museum

  5. Gabbonia Omedia

    I will never understand why people travel to places like Taipei and then say things like "try to get away from the hustle and bustle of the deep and tall city". Thats exactly the reason to travel there

  6. John Peter Espinas

    I don’t know but I’m having a hard time now looking for travel vlogs that i like. This is because Erwann sets the bar so high when it comes to this. I love how Erwann takes us to places not just thru videos and amazing cinematography but also because of his brilliant narratives. So please, if you’ll read this, please do more of travel vlogs! Haha. I’ve been watching your travel escapades many times.

  7. ReasonableRadio

    Damn how is it sustainable to have food that cheap. 10 dollars for 16 buns. Here in toronto you would be lucky to get one bun for $10, maybe two if it's american dollars

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