14 Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan (Best Travel Attractions)

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21 Replies to “14 Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan (Best Travel Attractions)”

  1. 羊肉爐小動畫AdrianFlipnote

    Now a days, the newer generation HATED CKS. Because he is the main reason we lost mainland China. Besides, he was a bloddy murderer. Any one who disobey him either got killed or escaped to foreign countries like the US. So his statues through out the island is getting covered in red paint.

  2. x3nity

    We went to Taiwan last weekend, I wish I could paid attention to your videos so that we could stick to our itineraries. Maybe some other time, I hope there still a chance to go back. Anyway, thanks for your videos. Very helpful, got the subscribed button.

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