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Taiwan “Beautiful Formosa”

This is the most intense travel film that David Peng​ and I have ever done. Not so long ago, we came up with an idea of why shouldn’t we create a film about our homeland, Taiwan? In order to produce this film, we have travel the entire Taiwan, we started off playful and relaxing, but very soon we have discovered this is much more than we expected. We met many new friends, experienced same adventure, and shared unique memories of our own. Thanks to everyone who’s part of this journey; I am deeply thankful and delighted. We have opened up our vision of Taiwan, and realized that this isn’t just any other places that we have traveled,

“This is a place that we are deeply connected in our root, and that we should take part of embracing its beauty.”

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Music by:
Illenium – Crawl outta love
Illenium – Beautiful Creatures

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