Taiwanese Street Food at Jiufen ft. Ice Cream Burritos

Today we’re heading all the way to Jiufen, the mountain town of Taiwan that inspired Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away.” We try various food offered by the street vendors, including Ice Cream Burritos (peanut cilantro ice cream wraps), Grilled Mochi with Tapioca Balls, Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice Bowl) and more.

Joining us is my Airbnb housemate Steve! You’ve seen him before in my Shilin Night Market video. Afterwards we check out the Gold Museum, somehow end up at Chuen Ji Hall, catch the bus back to Taipei, visit bookshops, then return home to Shilin.Watch the video to see the tasty day unfold!

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This video was filmed in January 2017.
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47 Replies to “Taiwanese Street Food at Jiufen ft. Ice Cream Burritos”

  1. zact lee

    Was that malaysian flag? Haha. This town is really like kundasang in malaysia. But with more food stalls and food place. Kundasang is more of a vegetable farm town.

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