VLOG 2 | Taiwan Trip Day 1

Tips and Advice when making a trip in Taiwan.

Our Itineraries

Day 1:
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Taiwan Mini Las Vegas

Day 2:
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
Gundam Base Taipei
National Museum of History
Shilin Night Market

Day 3:
Pingxi Sky Lantern
Taipei 101
Elephant Mountain
Carrefour Mall

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7 Replies to “VLOG 2 | Taiwan Trip Day 1”

  1. 洪麗華

    What kind of language are you speaking ? Tagalog? It is said that you use English as a school language to teach every subject in schools in the Philippines. Is that true? The MRT system you rode are called Taipei MRT system. The MRT system in Kauhsiung has run since 2006 and another MRT system is under construction in Taichung. You have to step out of Taipei some time to see the real beauty of Formosa.

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