Taiwan Street Food Tour – Chiayi Market Street Food + Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival Food

Taiwan Street Food VLOG | Chiayi Taiwan

In today’s vlog, Sabrina goes to visit a traditional morning market on the West side of Chiayi city. She wants to sample some traditional market food as well as a traditional glutinous rice dumpling that is commonly eaten around Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan.

Chiayi city is a gold mine for those interested in traditional Taiwanese dishes and street food. You can come to Chiayi city to visit the beautiful Alishan region, and stay for the delicious food! Have you visited before? What was your favorite food you tried in Chiayi? Let us know in the comments!

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This is the second channel for Chopstick Travel and Luke Martin! We will be showcasing uncut and RAW footage of Street Food around the world and Travel snippets from our world adventures! We love to eat and travel and believe its the best way to discover a culture! We want you to travel for food too!

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21 Replies to “Taiwan Street Food Tour – Chiayi Market Street Food + Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival Food”

  1. Stefy Silvia Erika

    Hello Sabrina i love your video,why don't you come in Europe-Romania? I can show you beautiful places and great food,wish you a beautiful day.

  2. Lucy Ho

    The park seems like a great place to relax for delicious food.Sabrina is a good narrator with a beautiful screen chemistry.Tks for this amazing food journal.

  3. Elsa&lisa

    The story I heard was that there was a dragon in a river that demanded the head of a traveller to eat when boats went by the part of the river he was in. A poet? Was going to travel down this river so in order not to be eaten had these super tasty dumplings created so they could be thrown from the boat to the hungry dragon who liked them and would eat them instead of peoples heads. 🙂

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