FIVE STAR All You Can Eat BREAKFAST Buffet in Tainan Taiwan

When I was in Taiwan, this was perhaps the BEST breakfast I had. I Love all you can eat breakfast buffets, and this was incredibly good!

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46 Replies to “FIVE STAR All You Can Eat BREAKFAST Buffet in Tainan Taiwan”

  1. Ange Maidment

    All-you-can-eat buffets are no good to me. I eat way less than anyone else. I need buffets to be available all day, so I can space out my eating.

  2. Jita'ame suluma

    you eat a lot of egg and hardly any fruit or veg , you will get bowel cancer if you do not eat more veg and fruit , and not just watery fruits, more pineapple would help, you got to clear that bowel

  3. Ryan Matthew

    Best breakfast Buffett – Goji @ Marriott Marquis Bangkok. Largest breakfast spread I have ever seen. Dwarfs this Buffett and all live cooking stations / high quality.

  4. BlondyBeautyful

    am i the onlyone who did notise that all those puppys had to live net cage or whatever they were.. just think how hard and painfull it might be to walk or stand on that kind of "floor"… in my eyes thats animal abuse.. and pet stores like that should be shut down because where all thse puppys come??? from puppy farms where theyr parents are missthreated.. sick…. and so on… im rly sorry and sad for those puppies and theyr moms who are suffering in puppy mills

  5. Mac Mike

    This man gets a beautiful hotel halfway across the world for $60. I live in Oakland and our cheapest room on the dope track ho' stroll is $100. Oh God where did i go wrong???

  6. Cat Hope

    I kind of want to see Mike's "Foodie Stealth Mode." X'D
    Also, is anyone else researching the recipes in these videos and making them (or close variations) at home? No? Just me? Okay, back to my cooking corner I go….

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