MOUTHWATERING BREAKFAST you should try!! Street Food in Taipei, Taiwan

On our way to the Philippines in the beginning of this year we stopped over in Taipei Taiwan and for change got to try some Taiwanese Street food. In comparison to Filipino street food, there are no similarities. We loved this mouthwatering breakfast you should try next time you are there.

The only Filipino food dishes that were similar were the Shao boa buns in Iloilo city.


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22 Replies to “MOUTHWATERING BREAKFAST you should try!! Street Food in Taipei, Taiwan”

  1. Je t'aime

    Here's one really positive thing about your channel : Seeing how both of you are quite eclectic food wise, this would hopefully influence a lot of people to be more bold in opening up their pallets and taste buds to different kinds of food worldwide. Follow your tastebuds (and not social norms). Go for it! 👍🏾😀🌮

  2. Rhayan Garcia

    try to eat chipay there in taiwan its really good fried chicken breast so tasty. i've been there for almost 3 years so many foods thats so good in there..happy travel guys..

  3. Keio Sim

    We were in Taiwan in August last year and I just love how they are so liberal with spring onions in their dishes. Pepper pork bun, spring onion breads, spring roll pancakes, beef noodle soup…

    We have to go back haha

  4. Dean De guzman

    You should go to binondo manila. Its the china town of the Philippines And you should definitely try the Infamous,soup number 5. Try it with the juicy vlog let us see their reaction the minute they find out what's the main ingredient 😁😁😁

  5. Ace Espinosa

    a lot of Filipinos working there in taiwan too… mostly in factories and electronic companies…been there 10yrs ago… they have a lot of variety of oranges also… that's taiwan is called an orange country… but it is actually one of china's province..

  6. Randy Meneses

    Im an American that speaks Chinese, married to a Filipina. Taiwan and Philippines are probably my favorite Asian countries.
    I find Taiwanese to be very friendly compared to other East Asian countries like China, South Korea, Japan..
    Every time I introduced my wife as Filipino, the Taiwanese locals were delighted about that!

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