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  1. colonyofcells iamamachine

    The northern taiwan fresh spring roll is called lunpia (mandarin runbing). It has the wetter ingredient of cabbage and carrot, and often does not have the main fillers (daikon radish or kohlrabi, bamboo shoots). All it has for filler are a small amount of pickled daikon radish so the wet cabbage/carrot serves as the main filler. The south taiwan fresh spring roll has drier ingredients and usually will have the main filler as daikon radish and or bamboo shoot. The jinmen fresh spring roll usually has main fillers as kohlrabi and bamboo shoots.

  2. P E

    저 푸디보이님 우유떡보고 내년 초에 대만여행 계획중인 사람이예요!!! 일주일동안 가오슝하고 타이베이 오가며 진득하게 먹고만 오려구요!! 대만음식영상 많이 올려주세요!!!!

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