Taiwan's Street Food

Some street food at Shilin night market and various places. I filmed a lot of how they cooked some of the well known dishes such as oyster omelets and coffin bread in Taiwan.

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  1. Jeff Cooke

    As an ESL teacher who ate at his local Night market twice a week, I loved this food.  Watch the family making the rolls in rice flour tortilla wrap.  The woman making these in Taichung was the hardest/fastest worker I have ever seen.  OMG.  To die for.  You watched them prep and cook the food in front of you.  Did I pass on the stinky tofu?  Yes, too nasty:  one taste was enough to cure me.  Did I pass on the Blood Jelly Blobs?  Ha!  Of course.  But I had so many healthy meals and the price was right.  I would bring home dinner for the two of us and a passion fruit drink for a total of $5.00 or less.

  2. Idrankyourcoffeewhileyouwerereadingmyusername

    omg these taiwanese are so industrious , especially that spring roll family makes me proud watching them work

  3. hom3r

    Shouldn't buy their sushi, not Taiwan trademark food. And not fresh.

    Aim for stinky tofu, fried buns, chicken cutlet, and lots of creative food.

    I can't remember all the food there , so many

  4. MrBluefalcon77

    Disgusting rat infested markets with no sanitation or sanitational standards, cross food contamination and disease causing food production. Thanks, but no thanks – I'll pass on intestinal viruses and food poisoning. 

  5. Andrew Cho

    Food so good that I gained 10 pounds after a week there. Cant wait to go back again but this time not in the summer. The humidity made me lose my appetite many times. 

  6. Steve Fong

    Taiwan food sucks….street food is soon unsanitary. I don't know hey anyone would buy street food especially when cockroaches and mosquitoes are all over your food. Visit one night market and you've seen them all. All night market sell the same crap.

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