Disgusting: Food safety scandal in Taiwan as gutter oil sold as cooking oil

Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau busted a group of people in southern Taiwan who had been selling recycled waste as cooking oil to Taiwanese cooking oil manufacturers.

The main suspect, surnamed Kuo, was arrested along with four alleged accomplices on Thursday for producing cooking oil without a proper license and inspection.

Kuo and his illegal cooking oil ring had reportedly been making cooking oil using gutter oil, also known as drainage oil, and selling it to leading cooking oil brand Chang Guann and food-manufacturer Wei Chuan.

The police had been investigating the case for six months.

Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration said 242 tons of the dirty oil was sold to Chang Guann, which used it to produce 782 tones of lard.


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23 Replies to “Disgusting: Food safety scandal in Taiwan as gutter oil sold as cooking oil”

  1. Lemon Fart

    Here is the recipe for gutter oil- animal fat mixed with hair, mixed with poop, vomit , urine, car oil, vegetable oil, bleach, women's period blood ,then you filter this then cook on high heat and it's ready . Mother fkkkk

  2. four state

    Taiwan have no any gutter oil can be recycled, because Taiwan's gutters are clear be able to fish.
    Those criminal bought those source oil from some undefined upstream and nobody knows what the mess is.(yet to be confirmed)
    Now, Taiwan government guarantees those pig oil which have produced are all safe(reported from health ministry), but there still have lot supply-chain-control problems must be settled of Taiwan's food industries.

  3. goog lee

    I ate several meals at Taipei night markets a few months ago. No wonder the food was so delicious and tasted different. Now I know what gutter oil tastes like.
    AAAARRRGGGH !!!! – will I become impotent ? enlarged testicles ? cancer or what ?
    Who will apologise and give me a Taiwanese bow ?
    As I understand in Taiwan, any crime can be forgiven with a most sincere bow.

  4. esteban corral

    It is impossible to produce 782 tons of lard from used cooking oil. It is possible to produce 782 tons of shortening. Lard is the rendered fat from pigs only. Tallow is the rendered fat from cows only.

  5. Syahmi Abdul Majid

    There is two way to reflect from this news,
    1).Desperate Cases Which Led to evil deed too much population without job security.Solution is Syahmi Mahdi Call Modern Caliphates!
    2).Not desperate at all plenty of good earn job just want to be Quick in getting rich! which also prohibited in Islam, Deserve Banishment!

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