TAIWAN PIZZA – Street Food Tour of RURAL Taiwanese Market | BEST Traditional Market – Chiayi, Taiwan

Taiwan Pizza | Taiwanese Street Food | Traditional Market in Taiwan

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Welcome to the Luke Martin RAW! Showcasing uncut our uncut Street Food and Travel adventures! Please let me know what you thought about this video and suggestions for more RAW videos!

Today we take you through our favorite local Traditional Market in Taiwan! The Dongmen Market in Chiayi, Taiwan has some amazing Taiwanese Street Foods! We ate a MASSIVE Taiwan Pizza and tons of other great street foods! Hope you enjoyed and let us know your thoughts and suggestions for future videos on this channel!


This is the second channel for Chopstick Travel and Luke Martin! We will be showcasing uncut and RAW footage of Street Food around the world and Travel snippets from our world adventures! We love to eat and travel and believe its the best way to discover a culture! We want you to travel for food too!

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24 Replies to “TAIWAN PIZZA – Street Food Tour of RURAL Taiwanese Market | BEST Traditional Market – Chiayi, Taiwan”

  1. John-Win Jang

    The green bean pudding is made with green beans that are cooked and made with Agar-Agar (Vegan version of Gelatin). I am visiting Taiwan in a month so I miss Taiwan and so excited! The pork floss with dried seaweed. Did you try the three day and three night goat stew?? It is also pretty popular in Chiayi and it is so good!

  2. Nikolaos Chatzikyriakos

    Taiwan pie, not pizza. Nobody walks in Taiwan? Everybody rides a mini bike. Excellent street food. It is not something ready to eat. These ladies sell great food. Why wear a helmet when they cook? Is it normal?

  3. Lucy Ho

    Nice market scene surrounded by all stalls opposite each other.They look so cute together while squatting to eat and that really brought back our younger days generation.Great casual scene.

  4. Yuan-ling HUANG


  5. Anne Corey

    Very good food big city and lots of difference kind of food they love the food from Tainan they love it there thank you for sharing . 27–11–18.

  6. chan pacman

    I live in Taichung right now. I ate Pizza at the "貴客"pizza shop at Henan road in Taichung nearby where I live. It was quite awesome, but just NT$160 , it is much cheaper than the Pizza hut in Hong Kong (before I live in Hong Kong, so I know)!

    Btw, I think Taiwan and China people only know Mandarin, they don't really know that much English. I mean I have never heard them say smooth English words except for "hi" or "bye" so you can try to say English food words to them and see if they know LOL

  7. ricecakejohnson

    I bought some cherries the other day at Walmart about the same size of your 90 Taiwanese dollars($3.00 USD)bag, and it cost me almost $7.00 USD. Also, bought a Taro Boba drink at a local ice cream place, and it ran me $5.50 USD. I need to live in Taiwan!

  8. 江國賢

    烏(黑)骨雞。 就是連骨頭都黑色的雞,少量,高價,用為補品類。

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