FOOD POISONING IN TAIWAN What happened in Kaohsiung?

Have you ever had your travel plans ruined by food poisoning? Ever been laid up ill in your hotel bed when you planned to be out exploring this city you were so looking forward to? If so, let me know of your experiences in the comments.
This is what happened to me during my visit to Taiwan a few months ago. Here is my story.
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  1. Brian Dawson

    Oh dear me Eddie three days wiped out a real shame but glad to see you made a good recovery , I suppose when you do the amount of travelling you do it's a numbers game to some extent.

  2. Robert Mac in Asia

    In Vietnam I’ve eaten many places and haven’t gotten sick, I usually go where large crowds eat, do in 10 years I’m lucky except the common cold/flu once in a blue moon, good luck Edward

  3. Jamie Kim

    Got stung by it twice last year, once in Istanbul and once in Pattaya. In Turkey I'm fairly sure it was a pasta dish served at the guest house which tasted and smelled like crap. In Pattaya I'm sure it was from an Indian restaurant. I had a big platter dish, of small different curries, which is in hindsight a cross contamination nightmare. I've eaten at so many dodgy places though it was inevitable, time to change behaviour.

    Both times were rough with brutal all night vomiting. I was mostly ok by the next day. In Patts it was truly dire, Thai friend was good enough to bring me supplies and medicine late night after her bar finished, a bit of kindness does help sometimes.

  4. Dennis Johnson

    Now come on mate I think you know the rules on going to empty restaurants. They're empty for reason. You have travelled enough to understand you need to go somewhere else got a fast food turnover hope you're ok now my friend….

  5. Bob Stewart

    I've anyone traveling to Asian country's has to plan on food poisoning at least once .  Nothing gets trashed if it can be sold later. .. A chicken that did'ent sell monday may sell friday without refrigeration of course. Eat at your own risk….never eat from street vendors…. I've been so sick I ended up in the hospital , that''s another thing I advise against… The safest restaurant you will find in asia is jolly bee…

  6. Brian Bewley

    What’s Ed and Prince Andrew got in common Both are nonces who like messing with very young women barely out of school dirty SOBs food poising was Karma for the desperate young mothers forced into prostitution

  7. Syd Luthor

    Another great video, Ed. I enjoyed the street food in Taipei 👍🏽 Yeah I had minor food poisoning 3x when on two trips to Phnom Penh 😅 wasn't a pleasant experience..

  8. d gauvin

    WHAT A TOTAL waste of your sub`s and viewer`s time. MOST EVERONE knows what a can of beer and empty serving vessels look like.AS for drinking beer or any alcohol after being ill from bad food , just go's to show your viewer`s your lack of education .VIEWER`S, BAD FOOD ,GIVES you the runs ,clear fluids , and CLEAN JUICES ,   NOT ALCOHOL. These  people do seem to swill a lot of beer!!! little useful content,  INEXPESIVE , NOT SO. A can of DUTCH branded beer here runs ,2. US DOLLARS.   PLEASE give us something  more interesting to see or hear in Y0UR NEXT VLOG ,THANK YOU.

  9. Paul perth420

    Hi Eddy, sorry to hear you got sick, but glad you're on the mend and I can look forward to watching more of the Incredible Adventures and places that you go to. Cheers. Paul in Perth.

  10. scottishdave1983

    Been living in SEA for 12 years and travel a lot, only had food poisining once and that was in Koashiung also last CNY. Luckily on last day so still got a few days in the city, Not a bad place but pretty boring compared to most in the region

  11. Steve Rushaw

    It can happen anywhere believe me some well know established restaurants are worse than any street food vendor where at least you can see the ingredients…Stay Well fella..

  12. Darryl Gilliland

    For me Ed it’s happened twice to me in Pattaya and both times it was pizza with seafood topping. No more pizza in Pattaya Italian Restaurants !!

  13. Ian Black

    hey eddie that tourist place you went to looked like it was full of bullet holes are you sure with your illness you did not go to some mass slaughter place 5555

  14. coln Hazel

    My rule is no sea foods on holiday…. but I'll eat any where really. Holiday food poison is the worst , holiday ruined . Takes 2 to 3 weeks to completely get rid.

  15. Tanah Merah

    Just because lots of locals eat at a place it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Locals have strong immune system against local pathogens. Travelers don’t.

  16. Pork Scratchings

    I feel for you Ed, I had that when I was in Bangkok and went to that place where the train drives through the market, got some street food bbq squid or whatever, told the other half my stomach was well travelled and I'd be fine. Fuck me, a day later I was pissing out my arse, puking up, the stomach cramps was the worst ever encounter, the pain would come and go and it was awful. 3 days wasted dead in bed! Every bloody time afterwards when I wanted to let one rip I'd sit on the bog just in case!

  17. Robert Williamson

    Worst food poisoning I ever had was in my own country, Canada. Ate a macaroni salad at an open market in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A first world country and a world class city. Throwing up and diarrhea and suffering so bad I seriously though death might be preferable.
    I hope I never get sick like that again. It was really horrible… Four months in Chaing Mai, Thailand in 2013, and the surrounding area… including visiting a mountain village (no hotels, no wifi, no cell phone reception. It was my friend's family village… no tourists, slept in the family shack) with a Thai friend for a few days.. Lots of Street food.. and village food….sometimes not sure what I was eating in the village.
    Never got sick.
    Siem Reap, Cambodia… two months 2017, including another village stay at my tuk tuk driver's family shack for a few days. Eating all kinds of street food, tiny Khmer restaurant food, village family food.
    Never got sick.
    Maybe I was just lucky….. But before both my Asian trips, I took a two dose series of an oral vaccine called Dukoral which gives two years protection against Cholera..(which also makes you sick with throwing up and diarrhea) and three months protection against E.Coli bacterial infection (the most common cause of Traveler's Diarrhea).
    There are other things that can cause bad Traveler's Diarrhea… (Delhi Belly, Bali Belly, Montezuma's Revenge) including bacterias and including some parasitical infections.
    I'm not sure what you had Eddy….. with not going to a clinic and getting it checked… and with no diarrhea and not horribly sick to you stomach…. it's a mystery.
    But the fact is… you can get Traveler's Diarrhea in any country and city in the world if the food handlers are not following cleanliness regulations… particularly after going to the bathroom and also particularly if they leave food sitting out too long.
    Also available at the Thai Travel Clinic, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Tropical Medicine at Mahidol University, Bangkok.  
    Maybe also the Pasteur Institute in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.. or maybe not. I don't know about Taiwan or Laos or any other country.
    Have safe flights and happy travels Eddy.. and thank you for your videos.

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