Taiwanese Street Food / Night Market Guide – ft. CupOfTJ

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In this vlog we should you all the Best Street Food in Taipei and share incredible Taiwanese street food at the night markets. Taiwan is famous for their night markets and street food but it can be daunting if you don’t speak the language. But our friend CupofTJ is here to guide us on this Taipei street food tour! Get ready for the best street food of your life! 😋

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48 Replies to “Taiwanese Street Food / Night Market Guide – ft. CupOfTJ”

  1. James Hsu

    I’m from Taiwan and have never like to eat Oyster Omelet. It is not good in term of the ingredients and its texture. I do not thing it is the proper item to introduce to any traveler.

  2. J.J. Wang

    To be honest with you, I'm glad you tried these foods but in my humble opinion, the quality of food in Taiwanese night markets have declined a great deal over the past few years…I don't know what happened, maybe they grew lazy, or they changed their tastes to suit the evolving customers' tastes – but still great video! 😊

  3. Peter Gabrielson

    Saw TJ's presentation on TED Talks, impressive. That's the thing, these people are all intelligent and have a sense of humor. They are excellent teachers.

  4. frappuccino68

    OMG, now I feel kind of bad to have been the umpteenth person to confuse you with Eric and Allison during your live hangout! Love you all!

  5. MiaY LE

    I think if Australian food is all about crunchy, Taiwanese food would be about chewy ,such as pearl bubble tea or oyster omelette and the tonyuan.

  6. Room. 06

    sorry for that we have something bad didn't stipulate in law,
    you should recognize yourself.

    but this two years, we grow up fast, I expect the future potential of this country.

  7. mithaweed

    ball of snot! way to sell it! the hot/cold dessert looks wonderful…and the cilantro sausage rocks! Did you know the ability to like/tolerate cilantro is genetically specific? if you have the gene you like cilantro…if you don't apparently it is intolerable, tastes like soap!

  8. Carrie D

    Hell no… I live in Singapore and actually stay away from foods that resemble this hahaha!! In fact since living here 6 yrs i have turned veggie.. but everyone is different hey 🙂 Good on you for trying.

  9. ArmyCats

    Since you guys brought up the topic of reading Chinese near the end of the video…

    (no offense)
    TJ pronounced oyster as oh-ah
    Oh-Ah = taro
    Err-Ah = oyster

    no problem if you're ordering oyster pancakes… but for the last noodle thing, there is actually a taro version, and you might get taro instead of oysters if you say Oh-Ah.

  10. p geode

    Haha I'm currently binging like crazy on this channel, but still love the new videos. Sadly, this made me borderline hangry. I did have vegetable fried rice tonight though!

  11. Kyle K. Chang

    So glad that @CupOfTJ was able to show you some of the traditional offerings. Totally grew up on this stuff as well and they are super yum, despite the consistency that you are not used to. There are so many other good foods around Taiwan that you have not yet tried as well. I DM you a couple other items on your Instagram. Awesome vid !

  12. Susan Eway

    So…I'm trying to lose some weight and will now be using this video as a dieting tool! Josh–that description is…ulchh…gaag…the perfect thing to make me lose my appetite!! lmao

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