BIZARRE FOODS – Taipei, Taiwan

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Hotels in Taipei, Taiwan (including but not limited to):
– – Miramar Garden Taipei 5* Taipei, Taiwan

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31 Replies to “BIZARRE FOODS – Taipei, Taiwan”

  1. Aldrin Solco

    We ate at the restaurant in keelung night market. They have a picture of Anthony and Andrew on their wall. Food was really good and cheap too!

  2. ruzica towers

    shocking dog meat wasnt mentioned, they eat dogs and cats..skinning them ALIVE AFTER BEATING THEM AND TORTURING THEM is KNOWN for this cruelty. this place can go fuck itself.

  3. Mengstab G.michael

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  4. chris collins

    #Andrew i hope your camera crew/team dont end up treating ulcers while you enjoy most of all the goodies……. please make a video with your team having a good time with some of these good tasties. I love your show try Africa Nigeria preferable

  5. Pirooz Pejman

    Thanks Andrew. You & your team always make me feel good. You really got a special energy going & your cameraman is also doing a fantastic job! By the way. "Kind, gracious, always welcoming", absolutely true. I remember being there on my Asia tour last year. Veeery nice people. Always helpful! 🙂

  6. Reformatt Show

    I love zimmerman's video and so happy he went to Taipei, one of the coolest cities I've ever visited, luckily I stayed an entire week to do a Taipei guide and tried snake venom, toilet restaurant, 24hrs prawn fishing, duck tongue and duck feet and the epic almond shaved ice.

  7. Zeidy Babbi Montreal

    This is an entertaining show. Andrew is a nice guy . He is the living spirit behind the show. I feel that some people are jealous.

  8. Wei-Chen Tai

    what some weak ass local food guide,every responses are shot, dull and boring, Andrew zimmern should have gotten a real local food fanatic like me

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