18 Replies to “Taiwan's Media Is Out of Control”

  1. Every Word Is A Made-Up Word

    Taiwan is a separate country entirely. It's not "their" people. Different people, different govenrment, different culture

  2. William Swan

    Delete documentation a month ago the doctor said they were getting 89 to 100000 new cases a day that's right 15% of the young 50% of the old and the medically needy 12 to 15% heart and lung damage, two separate viruses and they had the plague, the first patients work that the Chinese weapons lab there's CDC, there was plague in Madagascar in the Congo also variant form of Ebola the plague was highly drug-resistant the doctors and journalist oher arrested

  3. William Swan

    Electronic company conglomerate does work for the Chinese government, 27000. + 179000, but the article also says there's 1279 I believe it is survivors, out of, 179000, 2 weeks old, also showed, I'm not supported yet was leaked, quarantine perimeter being enlarged, and the military Channing shut apartment houses, spraying people bodies disinfected, the ads, they're running, call the people not the worrier or panic, and mainly affects the old and the medically needy, and that the government's taking care of the finances of the cremations,. 😲 Satellite, imaging I don't know how you do it, but supposedly, the crematoriums are running 24/7 and they're building new ones, that new hospital made with Cuba trolls that resemble jail cells, just food for thought, that company tencent also goes until for the Chinese government

  4. damond cason

    They're using this virus, to kill their dissidents that don't agree with the commonest Chinese agenda. And they're killing the people that's against the government, using the quarantine which is martial law. To kill their citizens, because they can feed them. They're boarding up the cities towns. And starving them out . And they're burning or bodies in a crematorys in Wuhan, there is over 30 crematories in Wuhan.the Chinese are showing the world and all the countries in the world the blueprint to do this to their own citizens. Coming to a country near you. Wake up man 👿🤑🤦🕵️🤔

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