Our First Hot Spring Experience Together! || Taiwan Travel Vlog 3

Part 3 is here! The adventure continues! We went to Cloudland Resort and it was a bit cold but the hot water definitely did help and was so relaxing! Then we went to a garden and picked some tomatoes!



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36 Replies to “Our First Hot Spring Experience Together! || Taiwan Travel Vlog 3”

  1. Bibimbubu 비빔부부

    All your videos are so beautifully edited!!! Really love them! I love the music, the B-rolls and the slow-mo. By the way, that buildings you showed in 2:20 and in 3:29 were so interesting! As an architect I would have liked to see more of that :p

  2. Angel Thomas

    What about Victor? He is seriously soooo freaking good looking!! Grace is the one who is very lucky! I’m obsessed with watching your adventures. With love from Vancouver, British Columbia

  3. dokhtar Afghan

    Amezing video as always! Ik the difficulties of LDR but you two are amezing, wish you both a life time relationship, success, happiness and hopping to see your kids one day. Keep up with the great work

  4. Travis Ginther

    Watching and commenting at the same time. Love this series. Continue to make these awesome vlogs. One of my favorite couples on YouTube

  5. Manuila Ellee

    Damn…..gurl💕 Grace you're so cute💙 and victor man your so cool as well….. you're couple is so adorable….I love you both… ❤️💕💙 Love seeing your videos……. Keep going 💕🔥
    Sending love from india🇮🇳

  6. meliza lim

    Well… M gonna comment something different this time… Credits to Victor coz u really know how to choose which songs to suits ur short clips… Love the songs and of coz, both of u… ❤️ Stay together forever and ever💋

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