Shilin Night Market Taiwan – Street Food Tour in the Best Taipei Night Market

DarShey Goesto Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan. If you love shopping or going for a street food adventure? This is the perfect place for you. Shilin Night Market is considered to be the biggest and most popular night market in Taiwan. This night market is the best place to go shopping and of course the paradise of Taiwanese street food. Taiwan night market must be included in your bucket list when visiting this country. What are you waiting for? Let’s eat!

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Here is the list of our Shilin Night Market Taiwan street food adventure.

1) Taiwanese Cheese Corndog – Half cheese and half hotdog dumped in a dough, splashed in breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

2) Grilled Octopus Foot – Huge grilled octopus foot in a skewer and seasoned with seaweed.

3) Cheese Egg Shrimp Takoyaki – Takoyaki Taiwanese version. Topped with shrimp and sprinkled with seaweed powder.

4) Grilled & Torched Snail – Grilled and blow-torched snail meat (extracted from its shell) in a skewer.

5) Grilled King Mushroom – Huge sized mushroom. Grilled and sliced into bite-size with a sauce based on your preference.

6) Oreo Chocolate Souffle – The food’s name says it all.

Thank you for watching this video. This is the last video for our Taiwan Travel and Food Series. Stay tuned for more amazing travel and mouthwatering food videos. See you on the next video!


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3 Replies to “Shilin Night Market Taiwan – Street Food Tour in the Best Taipei Night Market”

  1. Andy

    Love this market! I enjoyed the food here so much, even went to the stand at 0:38 and had pig blood on a stick. Just to show my filipina fiance what the Taiwan betamax was like lol! She didn't like it but we did enjoy the flat fried chicken 😁

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