3000 FISH HEAD SOUP!!! Most Gigantic Soup in Taiwan – Netflix Street Food in Chiayi!

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Chiayi! Definitely my city in all of Taiwan, small but filled with awesome food all over the place and the friendliness of the people here have a category of its own! Today is a special day where we team up with ‘Smart Fish’ which was featured on Netflix, make sure to watch all to the end so you don’t miss it!

Places we went to accordingly:
1. Chiayi Ren turkey rice – 嘉義人火雞肉飯
(For everything it was 250 TWD, 8 USD But for the turkey rice only 40TWD, 1.25 USD )

2. Smart Fish – 林聰明沙鍋魚頭
(300 twd, 10 USD) for a whole head with unlimited refill of soup)

*Special notion*
Music (‘Babord’) from 11:16-12:21 was played my brother and his band ‘Kvartiåtta’.

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17 Replies to “3000 FISH HEAD SOUP!!! Most Gigantic Soup in Taiwan – Netflix Street Food in Chiayi!”

  1. aHungryTiger

    I hope you enjoyed watching this video – It was such an awesome day! If you want to see more stuff like this don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, love you all!❤️

  2. BigAl 777

    Looks like they pulled a bait and switch on you. The chef was selling you the virtues of the big head carp, and how it contains the "best part" of the fish. What you've got is a crappy salmon head which is conspicuously lacking that organ which is found in that type of carp.

  3. Nils Lundgren

    Got out of the habit of watching your episodes, but watched this one and it was a great one! Did not feel like 18 minutes at all. And your love of food really shines through and is quite contagious! Really fun to watch for anyone who loves food and especially trying out new food! I hope you'll open up a michelin star fusion restaurant when you come back!

  4. Nick and Helmi

    So unfortunate that we did not have enough time to visit Chiayi 🙁 When we watch the Netflix episode, Grace's story is really something else on how she overcome the bully to continue the fish head restaurant business, so much respect for her🙌🙌 It looks amazing!!

  5. Elly Kuo

    Welcome to my hometown! This video absolutely brings me back to Chaiyi while I'm studying in Australia. Turkey rice and fish head soup are the taste of my childhood. Love your video, please keep sharing amazing food to everyone! Hope you enjoy your time in Chaiyi 🙂

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