Gold Medal MASTER CHEF Cooks 9-Course Meal for $35 !!! BEST Taiwanese Food in Chiayi, Taiwan

Award Winning TAIWANESE MASTER CHEF Chen – Chiayi, Taiwan

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Join us in CHIAYI TAIWAN where we take a short break from street food to show you this city’s top fine dining reataurant: Water Bird and Wind Restaurant 水鳥和風創作料理

This restaurant focuses on Taiwanese and Japanese dishes. We had the opportunity to sample his regular menu which changes seasonally (8 courses) as well as his 2014 award-winning, gold medal (won in Malaysia) dish which never appears on the menu: Wild Berry Duck with Quinoa Beef Roll.

It was incredible to taste fresh and local Taiwanese ingredients blended creatively in dishes we’ve never tried before. Here is what Chef Chen made for this experience:

Sesame scallops with vegetables and fruit
Persimmon toast Cheese mullet roe with Asian pear Cheese & nut jelly
Sashimi platter (tuna, amberjack, red snapper, sweet shrimp
Roasted chicken toasted sandwich
Puffed rice with shrimp and shrimp with passion fruit yogurt
Steamed giant grouper with special sauce
Creative sushi dish (dry, aged mullet roe on rice and salmon rolls with spicy sauce)
Homemade chicken and scallop soup Chef Chen’s award-winning dish
Sakura mousse square and fruit

Huge thank you to Chef Chen for introducing us to his incredible menu and gold medal dish! And also a HUGE thank you to our friend Oliver for arranging this dinner for us!

Want to eat here too? Check the information below: 水鳥和風創作料理
No. 232 Xingye West Rd., West District, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Open daily: 11:30am – 2:30pm / 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Reservation recommended


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Taiwanese and Japanese Food in Chiayi, Taiwan 2019

41 Replies to “Gold Medal MASTER CHEF Cooks 9-Course Meal for $35 !!! BEST Taiwanese Food in Chiayi, Taiwan”

  1. 5cats 2kids

    Really cool place! But, I’m not getting serving sashimi in a bird cage? I’m not a world traveler, but watch many vlogs like this, and I’ve never noticed white-ish wasabi? Is it really just fresh horseradish? Duck? Chicken? Which is it? You never tell us? Please edit your vlogs more closely.

    The shrimp dishes both looked amazing! That sous-vide and fried duck looks scrumptious! I want that steak filet in my life, it looks perfect! I’m interested in the price with the gold medal dish. The place seems very affordable. I understand you may not have paid for your gold medal dish, but subscribers want to know!

  2. Gacha_cookie

    I am glad you had such an amazing experience, what a great opportunity! Here I am trying to satisfy my hunger with fried eggs and slice bread. ☹️

  3. Lidia Hiu

    Omg… makes me wanna go to this restaurant sooo bad the night we are in Taiwan. But unfortunately time doesn't allow it this time. Is there a restaurant like this (similar type of food, qty and quality as well as price range) in Taipei? Please please name a couple for me. Thank you so much. Love your videos!!!

  4. Apocalyps

    Everything looks amazing. Confused why you take such large mouthfuls? For example, is it poor taste to cut the sliced duck into more manageable portions?

  5. slyster12

    Obvious paid promotion…Very boring and fake reactions."Wow,best this,best that,incredible this,OMG this is the best plate ever". Medals are falling apart ,cheaply made and paint is scratched in places. World championship all over the world but in reality only in few neighboring countries with all the writings in Chinese or English and Chinese 😀 Laughable

  6. Carmencita Garcia

    I'm one of your happy fan here in Montreal, Canada. I'm a retired lady so every breakfast morning my tv in on to watch you guys . Every time I saw you I definitely want to see Sabrina ( she's so cute & I love her since I only have 3 adults sons ) . Anyways I love all your blogs 💖💖💖💖 your blogs is so amazing & very different from others . All morning I've been watching you two I'm very addicted to your channel . By the way when are you coming back here in Canada & what part of province you & Sabrina live here in our precious Canada. I also love lobsters & crabs. Perhaps maybe someday you can video in PEI or we called it Prince Edward Island ☺️☺️☺️☺️. Right now I'm watching you HOW TO EAT LIKE A KING IN TAIWAN this video was taken 2 yrs. ago . 😘😘😘😘😘

  7. Fátima Sardar

    Luke and Sabrina…How are you??
    Woooo nice restaurant and tasty foods
    Always the best vídeo
    Thanks my dear friends for sharing

  8. ron valentini

    The hole 9 courses I was wishing I was you.
    Crazy price for a top knotch meal. Private table, personal chef. All your missing is the ring ( next time ) lol.
    The price is killing me.

  9. Yang Lu

    Luke you guys have found a gold mine. My grandma lives in Chiayi where I would be visiting her very soon. It has been a while since I visited her and didn't know that we have such sophisticated chef with such affordable price still exist. From the time you start showing this video to the end my mouth cannot stop watering. We must try this place when we visits. Thanks guys for an amazing video!

  10. AllAmericanGuy01

    Larry and Susie channel has got to be one of the most underrated travel food channels out there. Compared to the Best Ever Food Review Show, this channel wins hands down. No script, no try-hard host, just a genuine travel experience without the extra b.s.

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