Taiwanese street food – Huge Pork belly Hamburger

Huge Pork belly Hamburger

Price – 70 TWD

Pork belly Hamburgers Available at Night Market in Taiwan

Location –
Email – [email protected]
Thank u for watching it. Be happy and good luck ‘u’

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21 Replies to “Taiwanese street food – Huge Pork belly Hamburger”

  1. Xuan Films

    The meat lookkksss so tender! Slurppp
    Please have a look into my video and subscribe. Your support is much much appreciated. Thank you haha 🙂 I will sub you back and help each other to grow!!

  2. Алина Терницкая

    Почему один в маске, другой без нее?? Пусть наденет срочно!) Короновирус везде,,,

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