The Funky Stench of Taiwan’s Delicious Stinky Tofu

With its unconventional name and niche menu offerings, Dai’s House of Unique Stink is a distinctive food joint. First, there’s the fact that the restaurant has had to move seven times because of the smells. Then there’s the food that they cook. We’re talking, of course, about stinky tofu. One of Taiwan’s favorite dishes is a fermented concoction full of live bacteria and a whole lotta smell. Its pungent aroma has been compared to decaying garbage, rotten meat and smelly feet. Nevertheless, it enjoys a dedicated following—and no one does stinky tofu like Dai’s. Owner Wu Xu Biyin takes us on a tour of this amazing eatery, which has been in her family for over 60 years. Fair warning: you may want to plug your nose for this one.


This story is a part of our Flavors series, where we do so much more than play with our food. Come with us as we dive into deliciously different and tastefully off-beat stories in the culinary world.

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49 Replies to “The Funky Stench of Taiwan’s Delicious Stinky Tofu”

  1. Cathy Puppies

    Sees Tofu in the title
    Video loads
    Narrator did not even start yet
    Me: I. Must. Try. It. ASAP!

    If you don’t get it, I am obsessed with Tofu and after watching this video I just had to know what it tasted like. Sadly, I did not go to Taiwan and you don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this video just to satisfy my cravings. I feel good and used to bad oder so, what will go wrong?


  2. aiman.k_b_e _

    Elderly: it’s not stinky enough

    Owner: ok , now it’s now time for the big boys.
    This one was fermented from generations to generations date back from the 1700s

  3. The weird Channel

    I’m Taiwanese and I visit Taiwan every other year. Since it is a 15 hour flight from where I live to there, I would be hungry. I would eat Stinky tofu. I just love the subtle taste mixed with that salty sauce. Would recommend trying it.

  4. Galactica Schuyler

    If I had a job like that I would be washing my hands with soap and hot water every 2 minutes,, massive respect to this woman, I love her passion for this tofu!

  5. Liwamster Master

    I tried to eat a piece. Boy I almost threw up. I don't really understand how you guys think is delicious. Is there a way to start liking it?

  6. Scotty

    That shit is just plain nasty ….. I went to China and couldn’t leave the shop quick enough after smelling that, love China but stinky tofu ….HELL NO!

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