Mike Siegel, travels to Taiwan to share the top 10 things you should do when visiting on a vacation or extended layover.


  1. Selinor578

    Oh no!! Footage of traffic shooting along the road at 30 times normal speed. And 10 split second shots in about 3 seconds Dear oh dear. Not another americanised style of documentary. This is why I never watch american documentaries on TV.

  2. Ion Vrabie

    One of the best video about Taiwan, the best food I found in night market, the friendliest people on the planet, the best part for me was : everybody speaks English, hardly wait for 2020 to go back for another month.

  3. 100brucebrown

    I have had the opportunity to meet many Taiwanese people over the last two years. If I got a chance to go to Asia I would head for Taiwan. Great People

  4. RSV

    I love Taiwan. I'm Indian, living in Singapore and I've grown to love East Asian culture over the years. Taiwan is my favorite fun city and I've been there many times in different seasons. One tip I have is to try and avoid going during typhoon season.

  5. KFChewy

    I traveled to Taiwan for my second time last Nov and I traveled from Taipei to Tainan then KaoHsiung. It was awesome. I loved everything; the people, the sceneries and, definitely, the foods. Will go back there again soon to discover some of the things shown in this video here. Thank you.

  6. Yuhfen Su

    Great introduction of Taiwan! I am happy that Taiwan can share the beauty and warmth with the world. I also notice that there are more and more foreigners want to immigrate to Taiwan.

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