Taipei's BEST Street Food Guide | AUTHENTIC Taiwanese Street Food PARADISE + Market Tour in Taiwan

TAIWANESE STREET FOOD is some of the BEST Street Food in the world and Taipei City the capital of Taiwan is a FOOD PARADISE!

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Prices –
Pork Heat Soup and Red Yeast Fried Pork – $120 NTD ($3.96 USD)
Sugar Smoked Shark – $100 NTD (3.30 USD)
Fried Rice and Poached Egg Soup – $ 80 NTD (2.64 USD)
Almond Jelly Shaved Ice and Green Bean – $40 NTD each (1.32 USD each)

Today we show you an extremely local and AUTHENTIC Taiwanese market and sample the local snacks! Crispy fried red yeast pork, heat soup, sugar smoked shark, fried rice, soup and dessert! We had a great day of eating!

I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please share it with your friends and anyone else you know who loves to eat!

Music by Jazzinuf

Hey there, my name’s Luke Martin! I travel in search of local Street Food! I am always on the lookout for the best most unique hole-in-the-walls and tasty Street Food snacks! I am currently doing my best to document as much of the local Street Food here in Taiwan! This usually sees me spending lots of times at the popular night markets, as well as the super local morning markets!

I’ve eaten Street Food all around the world! You can see my videos on Street Food in Japan, Street Food in Hong Kong, Street Food in Taiwan and Street Food in Malaysia!

I post 2-3 times a week mostly food, some travel.


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41 Replies to “Taipei's BEST Street Food Guide | AUTHENTIC Taiwanese Street Food PARADISE + Market Tour in Taiwan”

  1. Christine Heath

    I think after you have lived such a fun & broadening food experience in other countries then it will make it impossible to go back to home town & get boring food 🙂

  2. Luke

    You are a very professional YouTuber. Especially in terms of food.
    I suddenly feel hungry…..
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  3. Da Mao

    of all the famous YouTube foodies, Luke here probably captures most authentically and comprehensively Taiwanese cuisine. This includes Mr. Wiens, Mike of the Strictly Dumpling, etc, who are very good in their own right.  And yes, that red yeast rice BBQ pork and smoked shark meat are amazing.  And the almond ice w/ caramelized sugar @ the end..Mmmmmmm!   佩服.

  4. Anne Corey

    Very good food Luke love any food and his beautiful girlfriend love any food where they go to try Taipei food love your video is very good thank you for sharing. Bless you both , 30–11–18.

  5. countessD84

    Thanks for this video! I'm going to Taiwan in less than two weeks and I'm trying to research what Taiwanese food to look forward to. Thanks again!

  6. Tc Linn

    Luke is the bomb! Love your videos, but not sure I can actually stomach eating some of stuff I see in your videos. I get queasy and might just have a cardiac arrest on the spot. Haha…

  7. Janine Concepcion

    Luke, I was watching your videos on my three-hour bus ride home yesterday. Your vids give me warmth! All the love from the Philippines.

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