16 Taiwan travel tips

I recently got back from a trip to Taiwan. I stayed in various cities for half my time there and the country’s capital Taipei for the other half. Here is a list I compiled of tips that I thought were super beneficial for anyone thinking about traveling to Taiwan.

Special thanks to JoAnn and her family for making this trip amazing!

Edited by Kevin Lu
Shot by Kevin Lu and JoAnn



-Samsung Galaxy 7
-Joby Gorillapod for Smartphones
-Zhiyun Smooth C Gimbal
-Panasonic G85 (Camera + Kit Lens)
-Panasonic G85 Bundle Kit (Good Deal)
-Mitakon 25mm f0.95 lens (Lens I use a lot)
-Blue Snowball Microphone
-Rode Shotgun Microphone
-Joby Gorilla Pod (Bendy Tripod)
-Extra batteries and charger

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25 Replies to “16 Taiwan travel tips”

  1. George Heppell

    Staying tapei and loving it but being British two gripes minor money exchange is poor and costly as most banks do not take sterling and the US dollars I got in UK were not all current issue and apart from great eating and shopping not much happening at night but still a great place

  2. Whats the frequency Kenneth

    Good tip on the 4G and WiFi. Reminded me to get my phone unlocked (which I was told I could do after a year when I bought it—Costco/T-Mobile.) 😀

  3. barrelrolldog

    everyone says the same thing about spirited away, but theres actually no source as far as i could find anyway. plus i couldn't find anything in the movie that looked that similar to it.

  4. Detective Biggles

    Of course depending where you are in the US is going to change the Ticket prices but from MSP (Minneapolis, MN) tickets in October and early November were pretty cheap when I checked.

  5. Derrick Rigby

    Travel Tip 17: Go hiking, it's easily the best thing to do in Taiwan. I might be the only one or I've just been living here too long, but I find the night markets overrated. (I know it's sacrilegious to say.) It's worth going once just for the experience though.

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