5 Days In Taipei (Taiwan Travel Vlog & Cost Breakdown)

Miranda from Ninja Teacher travels to Taipei, Taiwan and shows some of the local attractions and gives a cost breakdown of the trip.

Music by Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com)

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24 Replies to “5 Days In Taipei (Taiwan Travel Vlog & Cost Breakdown)”

  1. Graceontour

    Loving you videos! I´m also a fellow traveller and post travel videos. I´ve just moved to Taiwan and would be really happy if you would like to check out my channel too. Keep up the great work!

  2. Marcel Audubon

    I'm starting to get Ninja Teacher ads popping up while watching just about everything … haha freaked me out the first time. Even with the pop up parade, Taipei seems like a very chill city. Night market looks great; love me some scallion pancakes.

  3. Daniel Baker

    Nice video, I'm heading to Taiwan in a week to look for work so it was cool to see your mini trip there 🙂
    For my visa run I went to Bangkok for a few days, cheap as chips.

  4. KT

    Oh my goodness, Ninja Teacher company has the most beautiful young teachers. I hope male/female students won't bother these cute teachers too much:). I wish, someday, I can visit Taiwan. My roommate in college (NC State) from Taiwan and that was one of my dream place to go visit. Taiwan is a rich country. I think most Taiwanese are very wealthy and they LOVE to learn English as well. I think it is so fun that English teachers in Viet Nam can travel to other countries so easily, such as Thai Land, Bali, Lao, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, etc. I live in the US, and to go visiting those places will cost me A LOT OF MONEY and time. Thank you so much for another very interesting video. What a wonderful life you have there, work and travel….so easy, so real 🙂

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