25 Tips for Visiting Taiwan

How to get around Taiwan, where to eat, and what to see.
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22 Replies to “25 Tips for Visiting Taiwan”

  1. celtosaxon

    Taiwan (except Taipei), Malaysia & Singapore are among the few countries in Asia where I would recommend renting a car – no advanced skills required, and with GPS it's doable.

  2. Falco Peregrinus

    Great video, Sebby!  This is the type of trip planning/travel video I would like you to do more of!  It resonates with me personally because I hosted a Taiwanese couple via Couchsurfing like 8 years ago.  They were awesome and I am still in touch with them.  They still ask me when I plan to come visit them in Taipei and this renewed my motivation to go ahead and go!

  3. Angel Arias

    Great video, Sebby I am thinking on buying 100k SPG points at a 35% off. At 2.27 per points. I AM PLANNING A TRIP TO HAWAII FROM NYC. do you think is worth it to transfer for flights or should I transfer the points to Marriott and book a night + miles package .?

  4. Jared S

    Hey would changing the statement closing date get your bonus quicker? I've already met the min spend for Chase and Citi but waiting for them to post so I can book the flight

  5. PTC

    Hey AskSebby! I forgot about the Chase 2/30 rule. I already got approved for the 2 Chase cards in the last month. I applied for the Amazon Prime Card and got the 30-day message. Do you think they will approve me? If I get denied, is it safe to apply for it again after one month when Im under the 2/30 rule?

  6. j meister

    You must be psychic! I've been looking into a trip to Taiwan this past week, so this video comes at a very opportune time. I will definitely be relying on Google Translate, because I can only say 3 phrases in Mandarin*** Chinese (1. How much? 2. Thank you. 3. Where's the toilet?)

  7. Bailey

    Hey Seb,

    I’ll be going to japan in late March. I’m applying for the Charles Schwab debit card, will have one Amex and one visa cc. Managed to get a round trip flight using UR points at a decent redemption rate and will be stopping in Korea for 2 days to take advantage of the stop over.

    Update on my cc: I’ll be downgrading my CSR (already double dipped the travel credit for a flight to Seattle and some) to a CF. Will be applying for the Ink Business Plus through a BRM in branch for the 100k bonus. Will be reapplying for CSP next year for the bonus, and upgrading that to a CSR the year after. This is my plan because I am going back to school for another degree in Software Engineering/Data Science and am not planning on traveling too much. Should I travel I will have the 1.25pp with either the business card or CSP. Do you think this is reasonable or should I keep my CSR?

    Hope all is well and looking forward to your trip videos.


  8. Pat Shozo

    Very useful video! We are thinking of taking a family trip thru Taiwan to end up in Tokyo and since airfares using MF (Xiamen) is so low – your tips would be very welcome to non Chinese Asians….

  9. Sandra Waring

    While you're at the airport, get an unlimited data SIM card. I got mine for 16 dollars, for 10 whole days, unlimited data and texting and I think maybe 60 minutes of call time, which i hardly used. Their 4G is lightning fast, at one point I had 3 people tethering off of me and i noticed no slowdown. I had a great time in Taiwan, thanks for making this video Sebby.

  10. The CRISPY

    Hey ! I just subbed to your channel & have a question for you! Im still fairly new to the "building credit" scene & i was actually planning to get a secured discover card! I feel confident on my monthly payments if i get the limit to be 200$ but is there any alternatives you recommend to research? I just saw your video about Discover making 'new changes' and i dont want to apply for it just yet after watching it! I plan on using it to buy gas and food only. Any tips or alternative cards you recommend I would appreciate your help! Great videos man !

  11. xXxhaloitupxXx

    hey man sorry for being off topic but I have a secured card that I used to get my credit started and now I don't use it because I have a quicksilver card for some cash back. I plan on getting another card soon. should I just cancel the secured card and get my money back? my credit age is just 4 months old average between both cards. thanks

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