9 Things NOT TO DO Traveling Taiwan 來台灣旅行常見9個錯誤

#Traveling to a foreign country like #Taiwan for the first time could be both exciting and intimidating because you just don’t know what to expect. The habit you have back home might be the mistakes you are making traveling in a foreign country. I hope this video helps to provide #TravelTips and set your expectation before you fly to #Taipei

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This video is filmed with #Canon #G7X Mark II and edited via Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Exploring Taiwan Penghu (澎湖) Island

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23 Replies to “9 Things NOT TO DO Traveling Taiwan 來台灣旅行常見9個錯誤”

  1. themanofNeil

    Thank you for the tips. A lot of these things are common sense, but unfortunately common sense isn't so common.

    And the pork blood cake sounds good if it's anything like Filipino diniguan.

  2. Jessabelle Kiko

    Hey Iris,
    Thx for your advices!
    I gonna visit Taipei with my girls next year in mai. Do you have any recommendations for food or great photo spots? Or even clubbing? 🐥
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kiko ♥️

  3. May Raphaello

    The fifth viewpoint is not true . As a Taiwanese, I have to say the political fact is we are Chinese, and this is written in the constitution. The opinion in the video is not political correct. Actually, it's illegal on constitutional level.Please don't believe that part of the video, that is not the truth. Please don't be misled by the video, and please keep calling us Chinese, because that's who we are.

  4. Thisismyrifle


  5. chinosjay

    no aiming to be offensive, but i just want to be clear about it. taiwanese prefers to be called taiwanese and not chinese. im ethnic chinese living in the philippines. i consider myself chinese, not mainland chinese though. well specifically filipino chinese.

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