3 Things We Enjoyed in Taipei || Taiwan Travel Vlog 2

Finally the part 2 of our Taiwan Series!! If you’re looking for a good day in Taipei here is a great way to spend it any enjoy the day with you and your friends! I’m lucky that Grace lives here and she knows all the cool spots!

We went to Elephant Mountain and then had lunch in Gudetama Chef Restaurant and ended the night in Ximen District doing some late night KTV with her friends!



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36 Replies to “3 Things We Enjoyed in Taipei || Taiwan Travel Vlog 2”

  1. Bibimbubu 비빔부부

    Wow As always, an amazing video!! By the way I got a question. How much time to you spend filming in each of your dates more or less? Jiae sometimes gets annoyed of filming too much, and it's difficult to enjoy our date fully! Give us a tip please!

  2. Cindy Reyes

    I have seen all your videos just now, and had so much fun watching you both so inlove with each other. You guys are so genuine and pure.❤ Keep us updated please 'cause I can't really wait for your next vlog with full of LOVE. 😍

  3. Jan J

    Nice editing!

    Also, it looks like you hangout with Grace friends, I wonder what do they think of you Victor. Is this in the line up of your content? ☺

  4. Georgia & Erik

    Such a great video you guys! Y’all always have the coolest cinematography 🙂 hope y’all are doing well! Keep up the great work!

    Catch y’all on the flip side!
    -Georgia & Erik

  5. Waad T

    why am I so nervous?!!!!! Grace's face was so serious at the end but I hope it's a good thing "stay positive mood" 😂,,, can't wait for the next video,, love you both 💞

  6. Everything Edwards

    Everytime I hear Taiwan.. I can hear Shan Cai yelling Dao Ming Shi as well!!! Hehe love to go there. My meteor garden heart would be so full. Another cool video cutie!! Karaoke!! i think that's on top of every Asian to do list. Hehe By the look of Grace's face at the end.. I think you slept on the couch that time. Lol 😂

  7. keke le

    I have a question…( not related to the video ) aren't you afraid that if something happens to Grace when you're apart you couldn't know it?? Because my boyfriend doesn't answer me from 3 days now. I'm worry that something may have happened to him

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