Lit Taiwan is back with our double feature finale!! Our first stop is KAOSHIUNG! We hit up the beautiful island of Cijin, ride mopeds around town, and take you to our favorite foodie stops. This is part 1 of 2 stops. So stay tuned! And if you haven’t already, LIKE OUR PAGE, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM, and of course catch up with our most recent videos. We hope you enjoy this episode! 🙂

LIT TAIWAN is a TRAVEL SERIES that follows a group of ABC/T (American Born Chinese/Taiwanese) friends from Cali! Our series takes you along our adventures to discover the BEST CUISINES and SIGHTS to see on the beautiful island of TAIWAN! We travelled for 2 months, from the bustling city life of Taipei all the way down to the exotic tropical beaches of Kenting! We did our research and we wanted to share it with you all!

Created by: Lorraine Yang
Narrated by: Colleen Yang

Lit Taiwan 是一個旅遊和美食的系列! 我們是一群來自加州的ABC朋友! 我們一起回到台灣 找出最好吃的美食,和最美麗的風景! 我們環島台灣兩個月從台北玩到墾丁! 記得按個讚,繼續follow 我們接下來的 adventure! 謝謝你們的收看!

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