Taiwanese STINKY TOFU at Maokong Gondola & Lin's Family Garden – Taipei Travel Guide (Day 11)

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0:32 Maokong Gondola – Taipei cable car
On our first few days in Taipei, we tried to take the Maokong Gondola cable car, and unfortunately due to stormy weather, they canceled the service as they don’t run it when there is any sort of bad weather. So on Day 11 of this Taipei travel guide video series, we returned to Taipei Zoo Station and returned to the Maokong Gondola, this time in the morning when it was nice and sunny. Since it was a morning on a weekday, there was little traffic, so we easily got on the cable car, and took the ride to Maokong station, which took a little under 30 minutes to reach the top. The Maokong Gondola is one of the best things to do in Taipei, really great views, cheap, and a nice place to visit.

2:41 Taiwanese stinky tofu
There was a little food court at the top of the Maokong Gondola, and when I smelled the stinky tofu, I knew that’s exactly what I needed to eat. It was deep fried, then covered in a sauce and then some pickled cabbage. It was pretty delicious, and made a nice mid-morning snack. After eating the stinky tofu and walking around for a bit, we took the Maokong Gondola back down as we had some more things to do for the day.

5:50 Jin Feng Restaurant
For lunch we went to Jin Feng Restaurant, a famous place to eat Taiwanese braised pork and rice. I included just a short clip of the food here as I will make a full video about this restaurant coming soon.

7:11 Lin Family Mansion and Garden
Another one of the places I really wanted to visit before leaving Taipei was the Lin Family Mansion and Garden, an ancient and well preserved family home and garden within the city. The entrance fee was free, and they said there were some tours of the mansion in Chinese, but the day we went there were no tours in English so we just walked around on our own. The Lin Family Mansion and Garden was incredible, really old and preserved, felt like a real throwback. I especially liked the Chinese gardens.

9:53 Lin Liu-hsin Puppet Theatre Museum and Dihua Street
Located in the Dihua street area, we went to Lin Liu-hsin Puppet Theatre Museum, a museum with one of the largest collections of Asian puppets. The museum was alright, especially if you enjoy fine arts. After going to the museum we then walked around Dihua street, known for Chinese spices, herbs, and medicine. I bought some Sichuan pepper corns.

11:39 228 Peace Memorial Park
Our final attraction to visit in Taipei was 228 Peace Memorial Park, and it was just a quick stop we made before going back to our hotel area of town.

12:14 Hot pot dinner
We ended the day with another Taiwanese hot pot dinner.

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    Hi Mark and Ying,
    I enjoy a lot watching your videos to different countries and showing the lip smacking foods.
    Nice to see such delicious delicacies of Taiwan. Could you please let me know your most favourite authentic food tasted till now?

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