21 Things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

These are my carefully selected 21 best things to do in Kaohsiung, the most underrated city in Asia. I included gems like Cijin Boulevard, Old Taiwan Restaurant, 85 Sky Tower, the ICE BOWL, chocolate chicken at Ruifeng Night Market and the Brickyard for the best nightlife of Kaohsiung. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

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I had no expectations before driving down to Kaohsiung. This massive city on the southern tip of Taiwan is a tropical paradise with tons of fun things to do, delicious foods to eat and mingle with its friendly locals. After you watch my video I guarantee you will put Kaohsiung on your bucket list.

Kaohsiung is best known for the Dragon & Tiger pagodas located at the Lotus pond north of downtown, the most facinating thing is the zigzag pathway which is meant to deflect evil. Do make sure to enter through the dragon’s mouth first and exit through the tiger’s mouth to obtain good fortune. Afterwards, treat yourself to a massive shaved ice dessert at the Ice Bowl located at Binhua 1st Road.

Kick off the next day with a typical southern Taiwanese breakfast at Dandan Hamburger, famous for it delicious soup burger combo. I stayed at the massive 85 Sky Tower hotel on the 61st floor with mesmerizing views of Kaohsiung.

Cijin Island is located in front of Kaohsiung harbor, the largest harbor of Taiwan at which you can rent an electric buggy and cruise along its beautiful boulevard while making selfie stops at the Rainbow Church, giant sea shell and end your adventure with a lunch at the Windmill Station Sushi Restaurant.

At the Windmill Station Restaurant make sure to order the gigantic chirashi bowl of assorted fish with high-grade uni, unagi and tuna. Make sure to top it off with Kaohsiung waffles! On the way back to the Cijin Ferry, make stops at the Cijin dried fish market, Cihou fort for the best skyline view of Kaohsiung and Mazu shrine.

During the evening take the subway to Formosa Boulevard Station to admire world’s largest glass art installation consisting of 4500 glass panels.

For night markets check out Ruifeng Night Market located just north of downtown Kaohsiung where you must try the Gua Bao with juicy pork belly, chicken on a stick stuffed with sticky rice and bizarre chocolate chicken for the ultimate night market experience.

To really venture out, go to OLD TAIWAN restaurant which is a themed 1950’s Taiwanese restaurant with incredibly local dishes. The dishes truly tasted like they were cooked with love by grandma Taiwan, a great delicious alternative to night markets.

Kaohsiung has a fun and vibrant nightlife, for an epic night out check out bars; Black Dog, an expat bar and Brickyard for their underground dance off parties, foosball tables, pool tables and great local atmosphere. The best nightclubs in town are Muse Kaohsiung and LAMP Disco which often hosts all-you-can-drink parties with a young local crowd. Not much English is spoken at these nightclubs so be aware.

In conclusion, Kaohsiung made it to my Top 5 list of favorite cities in Asia. Most likely due to not having any expectations and being blown away by the tropical climate, delicious local dishes, friendly locals and fantastic parties. Kaohsiung, I shall return in the near future!

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36 Replies to “21 Things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan”

  1. Harold T

    Leuke video ! ik zat me toevallig even een beetje te orienteren naar Kaohsiung . Ziet er leuk uit. Ik zie dat je in Toronto werkt.. Daar ben ik toevallig over 3 maandjes. 🙂

  2. Steve H

    Really enjoyed your video. Taught English in Taipei '99–'00, and visited Kaohsiung in (2000) 2014, 13 or '16 … Went to Railroad park which I really enjoyed, plus I went up in the 85 building which was Plenty high for me .. no Taipei 101. Hung out, met some friends, stayed in some local (priceline) hotels near the main train station. Took the subway to the suburbs just to see … hung out ! … street/ cafeteria food. People are so nice .. just have to Smile and pantomime and remember you are a Guest in their country. Seattle, USA here 🙂

  3. Anime Is Laifuu

    I already went to taiwan kaoshiung since my mom works there and let us have our summer vacation there and this Dec. We will go again I miss the sky tower, trains, and the FOODS!!!!

  4. Poh Mun Chin

    Would like to check with u , has u rental car to travel around in Kaohsiung or u taken public transport ?
    Those of the places , is it convenience reached there by public transport ?

  5. Graceontour

    Loving your videos! I´m also a fellow traveller and post travel videos, just moved to Taiwan. I would be really happy if you would like to check them out. Keep up the great work!

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