Taiwan Trip Video 2017 (HD)

Taiwan is a small island nation 180km east of China with modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts and dramatic mountainous terrain. Taipei, the country’s capital in the north, is known for its busy night markets, Chinese Imperial art at the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101, a 509m-tall, bamboo-shaped skyscraper with an observation deck.

景点 / Location:
台北101, 九份, 十分, 十分瀑布, 中正紀念堂, 西门町
Taipei101, Jiu Fen, Shi Fen, Shi Fen Pu Bu, Zhong Zhen Ji Nian Tang, Xi Men Ding

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Sony A7 MII
Sony FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS Lens
Manfrotto Tripod

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  1. Shiba's adventure

    Great vid! Would you mind to check out my travel vid too? I'm new to videography , so any comments or any improvement i can make are welcome. I really wan to improve.

  2. Amax with the Facts [AWF]

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  3. Oustin

    Haha another great vid!! I am loving this channel lately! I can't stop watching lolol! Keep up the amazing work! I am really impressed with the quality vids you are beginning to submit lately :). Check out mine too? Thanks! I already can't wait for what's next!!! You're the best! Have a nice day! 🙂

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