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Capsule Hotel is a popular accommodation in Japan and around Asia. This Heybear Capsule Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan is a MUST-stay if you visit.

Sleep in a capsule hotel for a night during your stay in Taiwan! Best type of accommodations for Asia in my opinion. TOO much fun 🙂

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32 Replies to “CUTEST CAPSULE HOTEL EXPERIENCE! Taiwan Travel Vlog”

  1. Sean Fitzgerald

    The perfect place to have a water fast. Entertainment relaxation enough space to store water bottles WiFi USB port television . I'd live in one for 2 months and I'd be happy. Whenever I am at a crossroads in life I disappear to country with a beach I can run on but let's just say if I was looking for a place for total escape I'd live in there for 2 months doing my shit . I have a habit for disappearing and rock up 3 months later and my friends think I died. It's good to spend a long time away in different countries

  2. GirlDevils

    There are many people dismissing the pods because of possible claustrophobia, that is an irrational fear of confined places. The key word there, is "irrational", which means the flaw is not in the pod, but in the emotion of fear. You can't change the pod, so you have to conquer the fear. Remember the purpose of the pods is to provide temporary refuge from the (big) outside world, which is absolutely, demonstrably dangerous in exchange for a very safe, private (small) space you control 100%. You might be able to fool your mind by tuning the large TV to a nature channel to bring in the outdoors and relax.

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