Elephant Mountain for the best Taipei view & Din Tai Fung, a Michelin star dumplings restaurant in Taiwan! This travel vlog from Taipei 2018 has it all ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

Din Tai Fung is a Michelin star restaurant in Taipei that specialises in dumplings – it’s in countries other than Taiwan as well and has the best dumplings we’ve ever eaten. We share the process on how to eat them in the vlog.

Elephant Mountain is the best view point in Taipei and is well known in Taiwan because of its name – we share how it got the name Elephant Mountain in the vlog.

If you’re heading to Taiwan and stopping in Taipei be sure to visit Din Tai Fung for the amazing dumplings and a Michelin star experience and head up Elephant Mountain. We highly recommend both!

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30 Replies to “MICHELIN STAR DUMPLINGS! ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN & DIN TAI FUNG | Taipei, Taiwan Travel Vlog 115, 2018”

  1. Hsu Chiahao

    Taiwan has a lot of fun and cool Amazing places waiting for you to take adventures . I hope you guys can comeback to Taiwan next time . It's going to be fun.❤️👍🙏

  2. Sheryl Lita

    Hello, May I ask what month or date you went to Taiwan? I understand that these videos were uploaded January 28th but I'm assuming it's not the same date that you were actually there.

  3. missmayflower

    Love Taipei. It’s Asia’s best kept secret. We stayed near Daan Park and there was fantastic cheap food street nearby. Everything is so clean and organized and the people so kind. Nice video.

  4. William Guo

    I think Din Tai Fung is over rated. If you sit in the restaurant, you will notice there are not many locals having the foods there. So, based on my experience the beef noodle soup better to go where the locals go. However, I was WOWed with one waitress who spoke Japanese, Korean, English, Chinese and Cantonese. Will I come and visit the place again? Maybe….

  5. bumble bee

    Taipei looks like some cities in japan – clean, orderly, and organized (the streets, the folks, nice civilization). I would not expect anyone in Taipei to chase after you guys to buy something; that's more of a SEA thing b/c their economies are not as developed as Taiwan's. Perhaps one day SEA will be caught up with Taiwan.

  6. Chesca is Lost

    That chocolate dumpling looks delicious. You guys should definitely do more food tour style videos. Shame you missed the mall you needed! I would literally do the exact same thing haha

  7. shiftleft

    Sitting here a with a big ol' bottle of JD, waiting patiently for the drinking cues … 'vibe' or 'cool' and way too sober. Great videos, where to after Taiwan??

  8. Design Departure

    i like stacey's reaction upon taking a bite of that chocolate dumpling he he he……you should try their dry noodles as well….i did looked for their very first branch in taipei when i went there years ago….same consistency with any of their branches all over the world..:)…and i will definitely look for that pancake place..:)

  9. Joshua Chad

    Mithrandir, why the halfling? Lady Galadriel has cast an approving look of the food which you have presented in this magical device. She calls it heavenly divine and ethereal. She’d also mentioned that the food are much the same as Lempas, Miruvor and Limpë if not equal…

  10. james little

    Yeah thats me would have so much fun playing games loose track of time and the thing we needed to get the store would be closed or they would be sold out wifey aggro.

  11. Kymela

    The first time I tried XLB dumplings, my friends didn't tell me there was soup inside so I popped it in my mouth and had the hot hot soup explode in my mouth. Not fun! Lol!

  12. Bing Maniquis

    Thank you for sharing your travel and food experience in Taiwan! Another awesome vlog! Looking forward to your next one. FYI my son is also a travel vlogger. Pls check out his channel Jaycation. Thanks again!

  13. Fox SnakeEyes

    oh man so sad for you…….u dont have much viewers in your taipei vlogs….looks like taiwanese folks are really reserve human beings…..oh man…

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