Taipei, Taiwan: Traveling for $20 A Day – Ep 5

We travel Taipei, Taiwan for only $20 (640NT)! We ate SO MUCH Taiwanese food and Taiwan street food: rice congee, fried pork, milk tea, cold sesame noodles, meatball soup, a scallion pancake, fried chicken, an oyster pancake, and stinky tofu. We visited a Taipei night market and ate a TON of Taipei street food, saw Dihua Street (dry goods market), the Xia Hai City God Temple, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Liberty Square & museum, Waishuangxi, and the Taipei lookout point – ALL in one day, and ALL for 20 dollars!

For dinner, we went to the ShiLin Night Market (士林) on WenLin Lu, close to JianTan MRT station. That was my favorite part of the day!

Cost of traveling Taipei for one whole day:

Rice congee & fried pork: 70 NT
Dihua Street: FREE
Xia-Hai City God Temple: FREE
Cold sesame noodles & meatball soup: 95 NT
Bubble tea: 50 NT
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall: FREE
Large water bottle: 35 NT
Liberty Square & museum: FREE
Waishuangxi: FREE
Taipei lookout point: FREE
Scallion pancake: 30 NT
Run bing (Taiwan burrito): 40 NT
Fried chicken: 70 NT
Oyster pancake: 60 NT
Stinky tofu (split cost): 20 NT
Gas money – 100 NT
Parking fees – 70 NT

— TOTAL COST: 640 NT —

About Me:

My name is Kevin Cook. I’m originally from Dallas, TX, but I’ve been living and traveling in Asia since 2013.

After graduating from university in 2011 and working a few unfulfilling jobs, I saved enough money to move to Asia and work as a teacher for a few years. That opportunity allowed me to travel around and experience new foods and cultures, and ignited a passion for blogging and making videos.

Now I travel full-time and make videos with the goal that I can encourage YOU to pursue your own dream of overseas traveling and living.

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47 Replies to “Taipei, Taiwan: Traveling for $20 A Day – Ep 5”

  1. Jeffrey Gunawan

    Calm down people…. Everybody looks hungry.. Let's chat and order some food…what do you say people??….no politics talks on the dinner table.

  2. DreamilyReal

    I’m showing this to my Daughter. We are going to Taipei soon and I’m gonna tell her we will keep our budget for food at €20 each. Woot!

  3. Leon Duan

    WTH is he talking about? It's not like the Cultural Revolution tore down all the temples in the Mainland. In fact, there are still so many. Also, the Mainland is so vast that the volume of culture it packs is not something Taiwanese culture can even remotely come close to. Chiang Kai Shek taking all the valuables when he fled to Taiwan doesn't mean he took with him all the Chinese culture. LOL. The illusion that Taiwanese culture is equally prominent is caused by Taiwan's good economic standing in the world and the consequent attention that comes with it.

  4. canica99

    I love all that food you got for twenty dollars in one day..You my friend just got yourself a new subscriber…now it is time to go on a binge watch.

  5. George Rui

    yo you guys down below in the comment section, stop arguing about the cultural shit between china and taiwan. yeah taiwan had received influences from China (so do from Japan because of the 50 years occupation) and i do agree with Pei, communism in China almost ruins everything cultural. now we have to move on and not to be stuck in the past. i'm a cantonese from China and i really don't give a damn about the "Taiwan want its independence" thing because this country is already independent lol ! everyone beside the chinese government considers Taiwan as a country, so rest easy….

  6. jenreport

    Awesome video. I also heard that people in Taiwan are exceptionally friendly to tourists. However, I'm surprised that an innocent food & travel video "offended" a couple of people simple because it shows Falun Gong practitioners doing meditation in public in Taiwan. It actually shows that people in Taiwan enjoy real freedom. I'm from China, and I hope one day, people in China can practice Falun Gong freely too.

  7. Gabrielle

    it's more like Chinese culture is part of Taiwanese culture since there 're so many races n cultures in Taiwan n they have their own culture .there is no culture better than the other one . every culture is equal in Taiwan .at least it's what I 've seen. but sometimes Chinese descendants seem look down the other cultures in Taiwan .

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