Falling in Love with Taiwan (台灣)

Come along on my first trip to Taiwan (台灣)! I didn’t know what to expect and – spoiler – I fell in love. From Taipei (台北) to Kaohsiung (高雄), this beautiful island feels like a ‘hidden gem.’ Explore Taiwan with me and enjoy this travel guide to one of my new top travel destinations. 🇹🇼

We are grateful to Air Canada and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for inviting us to experience Taiwan for the first time! Thank you!

Air Canada flies non-stop from Vancouver to Taipei – check it out here: ✈️🇨🇦

Here’s the tour company (our lovely guide is Claire):



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Watch this video of our first year of full-time travel:




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DISCLOSURE: This video is made in partnership with Air Canada and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. All opinions expressed are my own. Some links above may be affiliate links.

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33 Replies to “Falling in Love with Taiwan (台灣)”

  1. 林傑明 Jimmy Lin


  2. 魏姁嬪

    I've lived outside Taipei for many months and really like the spirit of the Taiwanese in standing up to China. Taiwan is in search of a political identity after the UN decision of 1973 to add mainland China, and their democracy is in reality a de facto country, but they have to accept the status quo until, as President Tsai said, China becomes more democratic in order to understand Taiwan. Viva Taiwan, "Formosa" as the beautiful island! Spoken as an American who regards the Taiwan Strait as international waters and the people of Taiwan as warm and friendly.

  3. J. M.inion

    Hey Eileen, I'm a Taiwan-born German and I've fallen in love with my birth country thanks to your video series about the wonderful sights to see and foods to eat. I've been there many times, often only saw the same places and did the same things, but I will check some places you've visited past year and rediscover! Have many more great trips and thanks for the very beautiful videos you posted!

  4. Tina S

    You do not know how to make a beautiful video of Taiwan. It has many beautiful places that could have been captured on video. You filmed uninteresting things.

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