Taipei Travel Vlog: Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain & Shilin Night Market

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36 Replies to “Taipei Travel Vlog: Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain & Shilin Night Market”

  1. Samantha Yankay Cho

    Taiwan is my home country, and I'm currently in Malaysia. I can't wait for summer when I visit, but because of this video, I named everything and thought of all the memories I had there. Thanks!

  2. Jessica Stevens

    I love how Makenna was making the minion turn and look at her every time she looked at it like it was a puppet lol! You guys are so dorky in the cutest way. 🙂

  3. Joe Kang

    Actually the thing that you ate are not biscuit they are called bao or pau in mandarin well in english you can called them bun. Awesome video btw watch every of your travel vlogs nice work

  4. Lysiana Hwang

    hey this is really cool . planning a trip to taiwan now even though I've been there before but this helped alot too. keep up the good work!! 👍👍

  5. Bonita Gabe

    Decided I needed to go back and watch all your vacation vlogs !!! Looks amazing I'm gonna binge watch all of them 😂😂 and good thing Makenna had that minion or you probably would of lost her 😂

  6. Hsu Allen

    oh my god~ you two funny couple go to the Shilin Night Market, but you eat in 7-11. what a stupid idea~ you two miss so many good place and so many foods.

  7. CNVideos

    Next time you come to Taipei, go up Taipei 101 an hour before sunset, and stay until nightfall. That way you can see Taipei by both day and night, as well as see the sunset.

  8. Rob's life

    let me tell you why Taiwan has so many scooters on the street, because scooters are cheap, and easy to drive than a car, example if you buy one Honda Civic in Taiwan you can buy 1 1/2 of Honda Civic in US because the import tax are high, and also in Taiwan parking space are limited and expansive.

  9. Renee

    Bump into people without saying sorry is not a culture in Taiwan.
    We always Say 不好意思(means sorry or excuse me) when we bump into someone else except visiting night markets, because everyone expect we'll bump into each other at night markets.
    But the lady you met at Shilin night market was just a impolite person.

  10. Yu-Ying Lin

    Hi, I'm a Taiwanese girl. I wish that I had seen your channel a lot earlier. I've been living in Taipei for as long as I can remember. I could tell you that you don't want to travel around the city, or the northern part of the island, without an umbrella in your backpack! The climates on the island are quite different due to a bunch of reasons, let's not bore you with the details, but it's safe to have one raincoat or umbrella at all times. The central and southern parts of the island are mostly sunny with temperatures around mid 70s. There is the typhoon season, right around mid July to early September,that could ruin your trip.
    The easy card part, where you can only put in NT100 dollars a time, drives me nuts all the time! I'm totally with you on that one. That's the reason I prefer to do it with the help from the information booth at each station or just the 7-11or familymart right around the corner. The easy card has it's perks, it's not just for the metro and buses, people use it for renting bikes, catching a train on the western side of the island, buying fizzy drinks at 7-11, the list goes on.
    For the scooters part, it's the most frugal way to get from point A to point B in the city. It's hard to make a living in a big city, so please bare with us on this one.
    As for the hand-chopping minion part, though it's kinda funny(lol), most Taiwanese do apologize in that situation. Not apologizing after bumping into people is not a habit we have, I can assure you that.
    If you do plan another trip to the island, after taking the time to take the pictures you missed out on this trip, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung are also great destinations, too.
    I know it could cost a few more bucks, but the next time you visit the island please do try out the beef noodles (牛肉麵)! Especially the ones that locals line up for; it's so decadent that's honestly to die for! It's our version of comfort food what more can I say.
    Hope these would make your next trip much pleasant than this one. Looking forward to your new vlogs (just being a typical Taiwanese, hope you guys would stay a lot longer the next time around) on the island.😉

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