HEY GUYS! So sorry about the previous upload i guess there was some problem with the video. Here’s another vid for you guys. Sorry for the random voiceovers! I’m still a newbie in this.

Hope you guys enjoy the video! Share some love and leave some comments below too! loves X


taipei travel

14 Replies to “TAIPEI TAIWAN TRAVEL VLOG 2017 | lucaseelau”

  1. 陳俐安

    Thank you so much for your visit,,,, i live in Taipei Taiwan,,, come back and I'll take you around the beauty of taiwan,,,,, with Love Huang Row Row 😀

  2. bungeegum 44

    I really love the sound of your voice and your style of vlogging! You make me feel like I'm actually there with you on this tour of Taipei. Other than some scenes being a bit shaky, this was awesome to see! I love how honest your personality is and how it shows in your videos. Can't wait to see more~ 😊🤗🙏🙌

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