Day 2 of Taiwan Travel Series, i this video, we are traveling from Taipei to Beautiful city Hua Lien.

After waking up, we prepare our self to Hua Lien. First we take breakfast at the Seven eleven just beside the Tomorrow Hotel that we are sleeping in the first day.

After that we checkout and go directly to Taipei Main Station to take our train to Hua Lien. We go 3 hours before our train Schedule, since this is our first time and This part of Taipei Main Station is the other side, so need to search around.

We bought and booked our tickets here and print the tickets from the local Family Mart, you can also print in Seven Eleven.

This train usually full, so better booked in advance, to make sure that you can get seat. The traveling time is around 2 hours, but you can eat and drink inside the train.

After the train arrived, we seat according to the seat number at the tickets. The Train is very comfortable. The space is big and you can also eat and drink inside.

Arrived at Hualien.

Zi Jing Cheng B&B Hotel Review

We choose this hotel because it is high rated at booking.com.
After arrived turns out the hotel is very small, only around 6 rooms inside, that’s why it called ZI Jing Cheng Bed and Breakfast.

When you came, make sure that you have the hotel phone number, you need to call before arrive, because usually there are no people inside.

I really like the decoration, especially if you are minion fans. The room also very clean, and you will get freebies like fruit, snacks, cup noodle and drinks. You can also make this your breakfast, like we did.

You will feel like you are living in your own house, it is very rare to meet the owner and other guest. I only meet the owner on day 1, then never meet again, for checkout, we just leave the key in the front office.

The minus point is we need to take stairs to our room at level 2. if you bring big luggage, that would be a problem, especially if you stay at level 3.

I would give 9 out of 10, this is more because of the room and facilities.

After relaxing for 1 hour, we go out and eat at

Dumpling House

The hotel owner recommend this place, since it is famous among the locals.

To be honest this is the best worth of money restaurant, because it is very cheap and delicious. The dumpling and the Pork tasted very good.

I would rate 10/10, this is a must eat place in Hualien, we travel to several place, but i’m sure that this is the no1 restaurant while we are in Taiwan.


We traveled for 8 days and visited several city in Taiwan, from Taipei, Hualien and the Beautiful Qing Jing Farm.

Beside that we will also visited several Tourist Attraction like Taipei101, Xi Men Ding, Raohe Night Market, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Small Swiss Garden, Qing Jing Farm, Sky Ridge Qing Jing, Green Green Grass Land, Taroko Gorge, He Hua San and Many More.

For Food, Taiwan is one of the Food Heaven, especially if you like Pork. You can try Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle at Xi Men Ding, Carton King in Qing Jing and The First Din Tai Fung Restaurant.
Even the less known Restaurant also delicious, we will show you several place that i come during the visit to Taiwan.

We also going to give Hotel Review, Food Review, Transport Tips and also several useful tips about Taiwan that you may not know.

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    At the time the video release, there's an horrible accident, Puyuma Express train that i board in the video derailed. There are hundred of casualties. My prayer for the victims and family.

  2. Dominique Lucca

    Wow I love how you did your intro and your editing is amazing!! I just saw your pinned post about the train derailing, that is so incredibly sad… xxx

    Taiwan looks amazing though and this was a really cool video!

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