The BEST Temple in Taipei, Taiwan | Travel Taiwan | Longshan Temple | Life in Taiwan

In this video, we take a look at Lungshan temple in Taiwan which is one of Taipei’s oldest and most well-known temples. It was built around 1738 by settlers from Fujian. It has been destroyed on multiple occasions throughout its history, but has always been rebuilt and remains a top attraction for locals and tourists alike.

*Edit: Dihua Street is not in Wenhua District, but Datong District.
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7 Replies to “The BEST Temple in Taipei, Taiwan | Travel Taiwan | Longshan Temple | Life in Taiwan”

  1. barrelrolldog

    di hua street is in datong. the other oldest district of taipei.

    i was quite curious to the history of this place, which is probably my fave temple in taiwan. theres some old photos here, it looked pretty similar before. which is cool.

    i was curious about the original temple in fujian too that the taiwan longshan temples are off shoots of looks pretty cool, has some similarity's! would like to visit but that would be a hard sell to my gf.

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