Top 10 Must-Do in Taiwan (What To Do in Taipei, Taiwan)

It’s time for Taiwan!
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29 Replies to “Top 10 Must-Do in Taiwan (What To Do in Taipei, Taiwan)”

  1. Selina Carpenter

    Kinda regretted not watching this video before going to Taipei😅😅 but it's alright I've done at least half of what you have mentioned. Thank you for the video!!

  2. 婷婷的世界 / 婷婷的台灣 Ting Ting's World

    I love it that the shot at Da'an park has a siren in the background, it's classic Taiwan – almost wherever you go it is noisy, and you can never escape the rubbish truck music!
    Please consider not releasing a lantern though, it causes a lot of litter and pollution in the mountains. And please come to Kaohsiung – check out my videos for Kaohsiung fun!

  3. Mary Chuang

    Top 10 in 1-day trip in Taipei is more suit to this video. 10 things are good advice except fish spa. It is not recommended to do that for health considerations.

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