Taiwan Cycling Trip | Tour of Hualien by Road Bike + Awesome Bike Path

Welcome to part 3 of our 2018 Taiwan Cycling Trip! After a great ride yesterday through the Taroko Gorge, we decided to spend today cycling around the beautiful city of Hualien (花蓮) with our rented road bikes from GIANT Bicycle Co.

We found a nice bike path along the river which took us to another great bike path along the rocky ocean, which had some pretty stunning views.

We kept riding and unfortunately got stuck in the rain and had to take shelter at a nearby convenience store. We took that opportunity to grab some hot Taiwanese bento lunch boxes and refuel before we continued riding into the mountains towards Liyu Lake.

All in all, a great day of cycling! Hualien is absolutely beautiful with all of the stunning mountain scenery so close.

Our Tour of Hualien by road bike cycling route

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35 Replies to “Taiwan Cycling Trip | Tour of Hualien by Road Bike + Awesome Bike Path”

  1. Pelle Nils

    These cycling excursions of yours, is it a thing together or does she just tag along? She doesn't seem overly enjoyed to put it mildly. I'm new to this channel and haven't watched much of the old episodes i'm afraid.

  2. Mark Alivio

    Taiwan has a lot of bike lanes, i think there lots of cyclist who are happy to see those lanes. However ,here in the Philippines it is so sad to realized that we dont have much bike lanes. If you're planning to have a visit and do cycling trips here just be careful on the road. Cheers!

  3. steamsearcher

    We have been watching Ja Yoe who is also cycling round Taiwan at the moment. He left his Chinese Wife and small Daughter in China. Also there is SerpantZA and C_Milk also with YouTube videos and Chinese Wives!!! Quite a CLUB. Now if you all met up????
    Love from David, Lily and Katie!!!

  4. bigbrother1211

    As a Taiwanese male, I did my national service in the southern Hualien (Guanfu). Just like you've described, after raining the mountains surrounded by clouds are so mysterious and beautiful, and it would be more common to see during winter. I miss the days being there so much, just couldn't be able to plan a trip. Now I've found your video, thank you so much!

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