I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end my short journey here in Taiwan, a trip to Jiufen.

Jiufen was a gold mining town, until its sudden decline when the mining was discontinued. Today, Jiufen has embraced its charm and has turned into a popular destination for those visiting Taipei. Even locals come up here once in a while to enjoy a blast to the past. One of my favorite movie, Spirited Away, was inspired by this very town.

I highly recommend coming to Jiufen!!

This is my last vlog in Taiwan. But as you all know, I’ll be back soon 😉
For now, it’s time to move onto the next chapter of my life. I can’t wait to continue sharing it with you all~

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28 Replies to “TAIPEI, TAIWAN VLOG: Jiufen”

  1. I put the Asian in Caucasian

    For anyone wondering how to get here from Taipei, my wife and I just did this trip and here’s how it went (as of May 18th 2018)

    At the Taipei main station (train station) buy a train ticket to RuiFang. They’re 49 kuai each or about $1.50 USD. Take that train to RuiFang and when you get off there you can either take a taxi on to JiuFen for about 200 kuai ($6.00 USD) or walk about five minutes to the bus stop and take a bus there for 15 kuai ($0.50 USD). Then just do the same thing in reverse when you want to go back.

    It is ridiculously cheap to go there and back, and JiuFen was as amazing as we hoped. Definitely worth a day or two of your trip. Happy travels!

  2. Miki Hasegawa

    im going to taiwan this week and was thinking if i should spare my time going to jiufen(since im staying only 4nyts).
    But i guess im going after i watched ur video-:)

  3. Oscar Barrestål

    Great video! You've really captured the atmosphere and beauty of Jiufen! Really well-made filming and editing too! Do you do all filming and editing yourself?

  4. 15Y6C45 TOH XIN RU

    I've been trying to find nice Taiwan travel vlogs and I'm so glad I came across your channel! They're so interesting and relaxing. I'll be going for my 4th trip to Taiwan this Dec and I'm thinking of filming some videos just to keep the memories. Do you have any tips for vlogging? (:

  5. sherynn03

    Hi, I would like to ask one question! How did you travel to Jiu Fen? With Taxi or Bus? And how much was it? Thank you in advance! Love your vlogs!!! w

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