🌞{Trip} Taiwan Travel — PENGHU 3-Day Trip/澎湖三日遊

Video of our latest trip to the islands of Penghu in Taiwan.

Travel in Taiwan:

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We visited places on the main island and the smaller islands of Qimei and Wang’an. Unfortunately an approaching typhoon messed up our original plan of visiting another island, Jibei. We rented scooters which is the best way to get around. The double heart stone weir was indeed beautiful, the whale cave was impressive too. There was less people on the fine sand beach than we expected. Overall a nice trip.

Migrator Intertidal Homestay (候鳥潮間帶民宿)
Add: 34-3, Chengqian Village, Baisha Township, Penghu County (澎湖縣白沙鄉城前村34-3號)
Tel: 0921-292-029
Website: www.migrator.com.tw

“Old-Time Tianjin Xialongbao” (回味天津小籠包)
Add: 43, Juguang New Village, Magong City (馬公市莒光新村43號)
Tel: 0919-872-143

Aimen Beach 隘門沙灘
Baisha 白沙
Erkan Village 二崁村
Four-Eyed Well 四眼井
Lintou Beach 林投沙灘
Magong 馬公
Magong Cultural Center 媽宮文化城
Mazu 媽祖
Penghu 澎湖
Qimei 七美
Qingwan Cactus Park 青灣仙人掌公園,
Shanshui Beach 山水沙灘
Shili Beach 時裡沙灘
Taiwan Strait 台灣海峽
Tianhou Temple天后宮主
Tiantai Hill 天台山
Twin Hearts Stone Weir雙心石滬;
Xiyu 西嶼
Yuwengdao Lighthouse漁翁島燈塔
Zhongyang Street中央街

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Travel in Taiwan (2015, 9/10)
By Rick Charette

“We woke up bright and early this day to catch an early-morning ferry to Qimei, the southernmost South Sea island. Hopping on scooters right at the pier (rental included in ferry-ticket price), we headed out on the very quiet coastal road – more goats than cars. Qimei’s iconic symbol is the Twin Hearts Stone Weir, made of stones piled laboriously, which fills at high tide and leaves fish stranded at low. The Tomb of the Seven Beauties – “Qimei” means “Seven Beauties” – is built around a well down which seven chaste Ming Dynasty maidens are said to have thrown themselves on the approach of nasty-intent Japanese pirates. Among the other must-visit Qimei attractions we checked off our to-do list were the picturesque Little Taiwan and Waiting for Husband Rock, two coastal rock formations viewed from above.
Rather than traveling straight back to Magong, we stopped off at Wang’an for a few hours’ exploration of this island. The highlights of our meander along the sleepy round-island coastal road? Tiantai Hill and the village of Zhongshe. Your walk up Tiantai Hill, the island’s highest point, leads to wonderful panoramic views over Wang’an and its numerous nearby islands. Wonderful Zhongshe is an old narrow-lane fishing village, almost all homes stone/coral-built. Be sure to stop in for the homemade ice-cream at the shop – shade is at a premium in the village – under the huge Penghu-renowned “Wang’an Township Tree,” an Indian almond tree planted by the shop owner’s mother in 1928.”

“Penghu is home to many long, fine-sand beaches. Four of the most popular are on the island of Penghu’s south side – Lintou, Aimen, Shanshui, and Shili. On the morn of this day we visited each in turn. I especially like Lintou and Shanshui. Lintou and Aimen are connected by a long beach-edge boardwalk; behind Lintou Beach is Lintou Park, a shady, aesthetically laid-out tree park in which you can sit yourself down to alfresco coffee at a bright and breezy café. At Shanshui’s entrance is a bustling cluster of beach-bum-style eateries and cafés, and backing its west side is an attractive protected lagoon area traversed in part by a long boardwalk. This leads to a high promontory that drops into the surf at the beach’s west end. Topped with a large lookout, formerly part of an off-limits military zone, the promontory is dotted with abandoned camouflaged bunkers, pillboxes, and other facilities, one outfitted with heritage photos and information boards (Chinese) on this spot’s military and ecological past.
Near Shili, pretty much at Penghu’s southwest tip, is the compelling, still-being-developed Qingwan Cactus Park. There are two foci. Cacti, yes – the archipelago’s dry, flattish, windswept environment is perfect for cactus growth. And military history – the park site is a former Japanese military base rich in ruins, notably hidden big-gun emplacements, bunker barracks, and command posts.”

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