Day 3 of Taiwan Travel Series, i this video, we will explore Hua Lien and Taroko Gorge.

Taroko Gorge (太魯閣: Tàilǔgé) means beautiful in Truku language and gorge means a narrow valley between hills.

We are joining one day Taroko Gorge tour that we bought from klook.

The bus came pick us up at the hotel. We can only find Chinese speaking tour, because the English speaking is full when we want to book.

But if you can hear Chinese, it is a very good tour, Tour guide can give information and tips about food and other tourism spot in Taiwan.

This is the schedule

8:00am hotel pick up

Qingshui Cliff Scenic Area (25min)

You can take several instagram picture here, walk down to explore more, but it’s going to be rush if you only have 25min, but the view is amazing.

Swallows’ Grotto (Yanzikou) Trail (25min)

We can see the Gorge and beautiful river below us, it is very beautiful

Buluowan Plateau

Liushui – heliou Trail(55min)

the 1 hour tracking will go through a narrow road, cave and also bridge with amazing view.

Changchun Shrine (25min)

We can enjoy Taroko Gorge view while enjoying coffee nearby the shrine, very relaxing

Taroko National Park Service center (80min)

This is where we ask information everything about Taroko Gorge, you can also do hiking in one of the Train in Taroko Gorge. This place is usually the start point.
The food is also delicious, the vegetable is fresh and the chicken is delicious.

Qi Xing Tan Beach (30min)

Because of the strong win, we only came for 30min to play near the ocean. If you bring kids, please be with them at all time, because the wave is also strong.

Xiang Ri Plaza (20min)

Old Fishing place, that is also good to take picture.

4.30pm hotel drop off


Next video is where we explore the rest of Hualien. The Tour bus drop us at one of the famous Hualien food restaurant.

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We traveled for 8 days and visited several city in Taiwan, from Taipei, Hualien and the Beautiful Qing Jing Farm.

Beside that we will also visited several Tourist Attraction like Taipei101, Xi Men Ding, Raohe Night Market, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Small Swiss Garden, Qing Jing Farm, Sky Ridge Qing Jing, Green Green Grass Land, Taroko Gorge, He Hua San and Many More.

For Food, Taiwan is one of the Food Heaven, especially if you like Pork. You can try Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle at Xi Men Ding, Carton King in Qing Jing and The First Din Tai Fung Restaurant.
Even the less known Restaurant also delicious, we will show you several place that i come during the visit to Taiwan.

We also going to give Hotel Review, Food Review, Transport Tips and also several useful tips about Taiwan that you may not know.

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5. Day 3: Things to do at Taroko Gorge


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Shot with iPhone 6.

Feel Good by MBB (intro)

Sunny by KODOMOi

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