Explore Taiwan With Me Travel Diary | by Erin Elizabeth

*This video is in partnership with Taiwan Tourism and Air Canada.

Hi guys! Today’s video I’m sharing with your our experience travelling Taiwan. I absolutely love Asia so I was SO excited to go back. See exactly what we did while we were there like exploring Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, DIY bubble tea, and much more! If you’re having a bit of wanderlust then this travel diary is for you, I hope you enjoy the video!


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Disclosure // This video is in partnership with Taiwan Tourism and Air Canada. All opinions are honest and my own. Some links used in this description may be affiliate links.

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29 Replies to “Explore Taiwan With Me Travel Diary | by Erin Elizabeth”

  1. chiu rosanna

    💕Wow, u were in my country when I was't. Thank You for showing the lovely side of Taiwan to the world. I wish I could meet u in person and show u around someday. Welcome to visit Taiwan again, there are many nice places to see and good food to taste.

  2. Clarissa Gonzalez

    I love your travel ✈️ vlogs I feel like I can live vicariously through you 🙌🏼 thanks for sharing sweetness hope you and Kyle had the time of your lives !!

  3. Wanda Amorose

    Beautiful photos. But my goodness! I’m dizzy from down here in Virginia!! That building!! And the food and tea looked amazing. Are you ready to be tour guides?? I definitely like to go there!

  4. Eileen Aldis

    So exciting to see your awesome video!! Looks like you guys had an amazing trip! Sun Moon Lake looks GORGEOUS and making your own bubble tea?! YAAAAS. We're also obsessed and experiencing withdrawal 😉

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