8 Hour Layover in Taiwan – How to Get Around Taiwan, Taipei! (Vlog 23)

In episode 23 of the Monday Morning Travel Vlog, “8 hour layover in Taiwan”, I show you a quick visit to Taipei city in Taiwan!

This is the first episode of MMTV out of Vietnam, and my only one in Taiwan! Stay tuned for more adventures with the Monday Morning Travel Vlog all around the world.

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26 Replies to “8 Hour Layover in Taiwan – How to Get Around Taiwan, Taipei! (Vlog 23)”

  1. Reformatt Show

    8 hour layover is wayyy too short! come back to Taiwan haha. it is such a lovely place, I spent an entire week doing a guide on Taipei and still didn't visit all the cool spots, it is worth a return my friend 🙂

  2. Gabby Merino

    Very informative video.. I'm planning a trip to South Korean this summer and it seems like the options I have is to get a 9 hour layover in Taipei

  3. Guthery Life

    Very informative. I have a 9.5 hour layover next month on my way to Manila. I'm always afraid of getting lost and not getting back in time for my connecting flight lol

  4. Kevin Aingyea

    Can you share how you were able to leave the airport on your own?  I have a 20 hour layover and was just told that the only way for me to be "allowed to leave is by going through the free tours.

  5. James L. Chen

    70 for a bagel is expensive to me, but in Taiwan American stuff or European stuff is kind of expensive. I'd get Taiwanese or Chinese food to eat. It's cheap.

  6. Geekdujardin

    For your bagel, 2.21 US dollars. Shops in Taipei Main Station aren't cheap and not that good. Taiwan is pretty cheap compared to Europe (Belgium).

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