Taipei, Taiwan-Ultimate Guide For The Airport MRT(Taoyuan)

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I was so glad to see the Taoyuan International Airport MRT line open earlier this year. This finally brings Taipei in line as far as convenience and access goes, to it’s international airport, with other major cities in East Asia including Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Southeast Asian centers like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Like most airport trains across Asia they do not operate 24 hours a day so if your flight arrives outside of the 6am to 23:00 train schedule then you’ll have to use a bus, still fairly convenient or catch a taxi.

At NT$160 for a one way ticket the Taoyuan Airport MRT is the bargain of East Asia for airport rail fares.

As I mentioned in the video Taipei Metro offers a number of unlimited passes ranging from 24 hours to 72 hours. These passes are not valid for the airport MRT. If you’d like an unlimited pass that includes a return trip on the airport MRT then purchase the “Joint Ticket” at the airport MRT counter.
At the airport and at Taipei Main Station you can purchase an Easy Card or iPass which you can load up and use on the airport MRT, Taipei Metro, many bus lines and convenience stores.

This video should cover most of your questions regarding travel between the international airport and Taipei Main Station. For more information visit their website:

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37 Replies to “Taipei, Taiwan-Ultimate Guide For The Airport MRT(Taoyuan)”

  1. chestnutmare55

    There is an app you can download that's like the London underground map. Its called tawian rail. And in the mall get a cool case for your travel card with a elastic on and attach to a bag . Awesome video btw

  2. Cicilia Juliyanti

    Nice video..
    I will have 24 hours transit in Taoyan Intl Airport, i am planning to escape and stay over night in the Taipe City. I found your videos and you share the details of your journey in Taiwan. Thank you for sharing..

  3. Sarvs Falefitu

    Thank goodness I watched your vlogs about getting through Taipei main Station especially the part about don’t bother about the map boards but stick to the overhead signs with arrows pointing you in the direction to head! Brilliant as that’s exactly what we did once we got off after boarding the train at Hualien station.
    We did exactly as you described – head up and follow the signs. Found the MRT sign and followed it right to purchase our tickets to get to Songshan District. Managed to get on the right line to transfer and then got off at the right line/ stop.
    If I hadn’t subscribed and watched your excellent vlogs we most certainly would have gotten lost.
    Thanks John!!!

  4. TeslaTidbits Know

    so. i want to experience HSR from Taoyuan to Taipei.

    Do all HSR trains stop at its Taoyuan (off-airport) station? I know I have to take either the 705 bus or the southbound Taipei Metro….


  5. Jamie Hanrahan

    Hey! Were you in the immigration line at TPE around 15:30 on Friday? You (?) were advising someone that if they did (something wrong) they sent you back to the beginning of the line, so it seemed like you (the person I saw) knew his way around. I'm terrible with faces and I didn't think "oh, that looks like" – until you we were well past each other (I was in the next queue row behind you, so five or six minutes behind). Dang that was a long line! Anyway, thanks for this video! Very helpful! I should have watched it a second time just before the trip as I forgot about the "express train only" advice, but still, this was good!

  6. TravelingNewbie

    This is super informative/helpful! I am off to Taipei in a few days and will definitely use the Airport MRT to get to Taipei Main Station. Quick question… can you buy an easy card at the card reload/ticketing kiosks?

  7. M Fauze

    Hi John, how do you think the new fun pass Taipei for transportation card that just been released? Is it include the Taoyuan airport MRT? I don't get much info from their site. Tq

  8. Scott Read

    Thanks for the video I may have to take mrt to Taipei as my partner as work so this as helped a lot, return to Taipei in a week and plan to move next year!

  9. Joong Hyun Jeong

    I'm going to Taipei this November and this video is indeed helpful for me!
    I have read about the Easy card in Taiwan but still wonder whether the NT$ 100 for the card when people first buy it is included in the card for using purpose (of course we still have to top up more money) or when I pay NT$ 100 for the card it is just a blank card?

    For example: I buy an Easy card for NT$ 100 and top up NT$500, should I have NT$600 or just NT$500 to use.

    Because when I came to South Korea and buy a T-Money card, I had to pay an amount for a blank card and then needed to top up money to use it.

    Thank you!

  10. Carmelia Cucio

    I’ve been watching a lot of taiwan vlogs for a about 2 wks now and yours has the BEST, most detailed vlogs EVER! Thank you so much! You are such a great help! Can’t wait to visit Taipei! I love the free photo booth btw 🤗 Is it only available at Taipei Main Station?

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