KENTING, TAIWAN Travel Guide: 15 AMAZING Things to do in Kenting!

Kenting, Taiwan is such a beautiful place in Southern Taiwan to spend a few days! It is perfect for beach lovers, adventurers, and those looking for fun in the sun!

I hope you enjoy my Kenting, Taiwan Travel Guide! Here is a list of exactly what I did:

1. Sunset at the Beach

2. Stay at the Greek Style Homestay

3. Cruise the main strip

4. Explore the Kenting night market

5. Eat at Smokey Joe’s if you are craving American food

6. Visit sail rock

7. Explore Shadao and the beautiful white beaches

8. Eluanbi Park and Kenting National Park

9. Photograph the lighthouse

10. See kissing rock

11. Visit Taiwan southernmost point

12. Longpan Park and the beautiful views

13. Eat some local fish

14. Enjoy Kenting nightlife

15. Make new friends

I had the pleasure of spending two weeks in Taiwan and made so many memories.

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7 Replies to “KENTING, TAIWAN Travel Guide: 15 AMAZING Things to do in Kenting!”

  1. Frank Yu

    Fun video and thanks again for your support of Taiwan tourism. We were there in summer of 2017 and got hit by one typhoon and a tropical storm in one week, glad to see u had no weather issues.

  2. Tosh T

    Kissing Rock – There's one in Monterey Bay, CA that's quite cool. Thought we could get a glimpse of it driving down the PCH. Nope. 😐 Ha. Oh and yup. The number four, shi/si in Japanese/Chinese, sounds like death. Another excellent video. Lots of great shots. 👍

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